How can I make the barn "greener"?  


There are lots of little ways to make the barn and farm more environmentally friendly.  These tips are not difficult, and they will likely save you some dollars in the long run, also!  Here are a few ideas to get you rolling:


  • Water conservation - you can add nozzles to your hoses, dump your water buckets into the pastures, use a rain water barrel to collect water. For more ideas, this article can get you started. 
  • Solar - a few panels are certainly an investment, and will power your barn throughout the year.
  • Appropriate hay and grain storage will save you dollars in wasted food.  Here's an article about hay storage, and make sure your feed room is buttoned up from rodents.  
Compost is a great way to go green AND fertilize the pastures. 
  • Compost is one way to deal with your manure.  You may also be able to find a service in your area that picks up and uses the manure/shavings as compost for larger agricultural farms.
  • Veggie gardens are great ways to use your rain barrel water and home-made compost.  
  • Line drying will save your fabrics, prevent shrinkage and damage to buckles and seams, and save you some bucks!
  • Recycling of bottles and cans, and supplement tubs and many other things.  Can you take turns bringing to the grocery or recycling yard?  What about recycling horse shoes? 


I use an empty supplement tub and a modified water bottle to store and distribute the Sweet PDZ around the stalls. The rest of the water bottle ended up in the recycling. \
  • Reusing - can you come up with many other uses for those everyday items at the barn?  YES. Just check out the kazillion uses for bailing twine.   There are also lots of other uses for feed bags, also!



What are some of the ways that you can "green up" the barn?


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