What can I do with all of the used horseshoes at the barn?


Horseshoes are often necessary for some horses, and unfortunately have a limited lifetime and often end up in the trash.  How can we keep some of these out of landfills and perhaps even give them a new life? You have lots of options here - and many of them depend on how crafty you are!  Here are a few things I have seen and heard of:

  • Sculpture.   From lawn ornaments to life size draft horses, if you are crafty and have a knack for welding this may be just up your alley.


  • Furniture.  Nothing like welding together a new bench.



  • Flooring accents.  I think almost all barns have a horseshoe pushed into wet concrete somewhere.  


  • Fence menders.  Have a gap?  Close the gap and use the horseshoe as a way to keep the gap closed.  


  • Bookcase brackets, door handles, wine holders.


  • Time killers.  No better way to blow off some steam than to challenge your fellow Grooms to a game of horseshoes.  



Fancy home decor and wedding accents


  • Recycle them!  Most specialty recycling yards accept both aluminum and steel shoes.   Some municipalities have even started a horseshoe recycling program.


What do you do with your horseshoes?  PS- while we all respect some horses being able to be barefoot, this is not the forum for the shoes vs. barefoot debate.  Thanks!