How many things can we reuse our supplement buckets and feed bags for?


Most of us don’t want to decorate our homes and barns and tack rooms with supplement buckets and old feed bags.  But, we all know that supplement tubs and feed bags have a zillion uses around the house and farm.  I’m not saying you decorate your dining room, but here’s the start of some great ideas to up-cycle your buckets and bags.


Feed bags can be used many times over! Paper linings are super for poultice paper. 


Supplement Tubs and Buckets:

These are great, they come in a zillion sizes and most are cylindrical, although some are square.  They range in size from really giant ones to tiny ones that are about the size of a yogurt cup.  (I think at least one of you out there has an idea of what to do with the small containers!)


So - you could reuse them for the following:

-Move compost around

-Storage for your shampoos and wash rack stuff

-Transport grain baggies to shows and outings

-Store gardening supplies

-Soaking beet pulp in bulk

-Making jumps and dressage letters

-Store crops and whips

-Extension cord containment

-Stool when you really need to sit!

-Flower pots

-Rain water collection



 This supplement tub holds my Sweet PDZ for easy stall cleaning.  I also use the tubs to bring compost home for the garden!


What other ideas do you have for buckets?


Feed Bags:


There are generally two types of feed bags out there!  One is the mostly paper kind, that’s a few layers thick.  The other is the single layer, almost plasticky type of bag.  There are plenty of uses for both types of bags around the house and the barn!


This show set up has feed bags with the horse's names, inside could be supplements, quilts, polo wraps, you name it.  

You could reuse feed bags for the following:

-Trash can liners

-Mobile trash cans for the trailer and horse shows

-Poultice paper 

-Handbag!  (I know of a few crafty and entrepreneurial folks out there!)

-Compost mover

-Halloween costume??  (ok - that’s a stretch…)


What ideas do you have for feed bags??