How many different ways can we use vinegar at the barn?  A whole lot.  (I hope you like the smell.)


I'll start the list of white vinegar uses that I can think of:



  • Use a 1/1 ratio of white vinegar and water to remove mold from tack
  • Use the same ratio to clean stall walls, buckets, really anything that's dirty.  Some say you can use baking soda and vinegar to clean, I have not tried it, but have made a volcano from it.
  • Fill a spray bottle up with it to deter ants and cats.
  • Use the same spray bottle to remove skunk odor from your pets. (or you?  hope not!)
  • It can be used to relieve itchy bug bites.  (Apple cider here?  You guys tell me, I have heard both.)
  • Dunk and soak those white crusty bits and buckles and snaps.



For apple cider,

  • Supplement in grain (ask your Veterinarian to be sure this is OK for your horse and his diet)
  • Mixed with skin-so-soft as a fly spray


All right - your turn!  If you have some recipes to add, that would be great!!


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