Are baby wipes safe to use around horses?



I love these guys - so convenient, easy to store, easy to bring to shows with you.  But I wonder sometimes if we should be more careful where and how we use them? For example, it seems like a great idea to wipe the bit with them, but do you really want soapy residue in your hose’s mouth?  And please let me know in the comments below if I have totally spaced on something or you have another idea!  



Use baby wipes for these barn and horse grooming tasks!


Your own hands, faces, feet, arms, you name it.  Be kind to your fellow shoppers when running errands AFTER the barn chores. 


Work some magic on tail tops that look like your horse licked an outlet.  The baby wipe will act to get some of those wayward hairs under control.  



Be sure to keep the container sealed to avoid turning your baby wipes into scratchy soap chips. 


Clean up your horse’s chrome with a baby wipe.  I like to spritz the cloth with a little dry shampoo spot remover also for added poop stain removal. 


Bit cleaning.  This is a super use of the baby wipe, as long as you rinse the bit afterwards. I’m sure your horse will thank you instead of blowing weird tasting bubbles.


Clean your own paddock boots or sneakers.  I avoid all soaps on my leather riding boots, as the soap can fill the pores and interfere with your polish.  But for everyday, step in poop and mud paddock boots, wipe away! 


Your horse’s ears can use a good swipe every now and again.  Be diligent to avoid the inner ear, and don’t use a wipe that’s dripping wet.  You can lightly wipe the inside of the exterior ear if needed.  More on ears here!


Clean up your make up at the show if your mascara is now headed south or your lipstick is more of a lip smudge. 


One baby wipe goes a long way!

Please use diligence when using baby wipes on sheaths and udders.  These areas are especially sensitive, and unknown ingredients may sting, itch, or irritate your horse’s delicate skin.  I typically suggest using a 100% pure soap in warm water, heavily diluted to clean sheaths and udders, maybe there’s a brand that is the same in cloth form?  


What uses do you have for baby wipes at the barn?