Barn Hacks 8 - Winter Edition


It’s that time of year when it all gets COLD….  so save some time, warm up, and do your horse a solid with these winter barn hacks. 




  • Wear your horse’s bridle under your jacket to warm it up.  Alternatively, a small heater in your tack room below the bridles will do the job for you. 



This handy heater is barely larger than a toaster - it also has "auto-off". 


  • Invest in an ear cover.  Thinner wool styles can fit under your helmet and keep your ears warm.  


  • Use a crock pot to keep water hot for grooming, wiping stains, hot toweling, bit warming, and hand cleaning.  Wash cloths are the perfect size for all of these chores.  You can also use an insta-hot kettle. 


Instant hot water is also good for making soupy food.

  • Wear nylon pantyhose or silk base layers.  They are thin enough to fit under breeches and help keep you warm!  



Base layers or panty hose are thin enough to allow comfortable movement.


  • Use Shapley’s Light Oil to coat the bottom of your horse’s hooves to help prevent snowballs from forming. 




  • Ski pants are light enough and baggy enough to wear over your boots and breeches when you are not riding.  Many zip up along the outside making for easy on and easy off. 


  • Cut static when vacuuming your horse by spritzing the inside of the nozzle with water.  You may need to repeat for the other side of your horse.  You can also cut static under blankets by rubbing the lining with dryer sheets. 



No one wants to be zapped by the loud dirt sucking machine. 


  • Spray your snow shovel with your favorite horse shine product, like Magic Sheen, to prevent snow from sticking as you shovel around the barn. 


  • Put your compost pile to work by spreading a thick layer over the ground that covers pipes. This keeps everything toasty if your pipes are not buried as deeply as they should be. 



Give the poop a job over the winter. 




What’s you best winter barn hack?


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