BARN HACKS.  Again.  So this is Part Five of the barn hack series, with no end in sight.  

  • Raid your kitchen for cornstarch or your bathroom for baby powder.  Both powders help chrome legs stay nice and bright for the show ring! 



  • If you have a horse that likes to “chew” on wood or stall parts, rub a bar of strong soap (like Irish Spring) on the chewed parts to deter more damage.  



Soap tastes bad. 


  • A new pair of riding or paddock boots can be broken in easily by wearing damp socks.  


  • Keep panty liners in your first aid kit, they are absorbent for cuts and flexible to work around horse joints. 



Keep hoses out of the way!


  • If you are lucky enough to have a horse vacuum at the barn for grooming, be sure to hang the nozzle and hose from a hook to keep it away from horse legs. 


  • Use a wheelbarrow to move hay when you are at shows!  




  • You can use a simple stall chain to hang a blanket or cooler from.  Handy at shows!  This is also good for hanging saddle pads to air out. 




  • Use a brush attachment (instead of a flat head or phillips head) to your screw gun to deep clean buckets, feeders, troughs, trailers, stall walls, you name it. 


  • Use some vaseline to soften chestnuts and ergots if they have reached prehistoric size. 


  • Turn any bulb into a socket with this handy attachment from the hardware store - great for shows!  





What’s your best barn hack? 


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