Barn Hacks - Part Seven - Special “Dollar Store” Edition. 


There are many discount dollar stores all over the US - and many of them have great affordable solutions to everyday barn and horse chores.  I spent some time in my local dollar store to get inspired about how to save time and money at the barn!  And YES - every item here was $1.00.


  • These microfiber car cleaning gloves will remove the last bit of dust from your horse, your tack, the top of your tack trunk, you name it. 




  • Double sided scrubby sponges.  Good for water buckets, feeders, bits, hooves, super dirty tack. 




  • These cool stackable storage containers.  These two are no bigger than a microwave, but could easily store tack cleaning stuff or wash cloths.  Larger bins could store polos, boots, bell boots.  



These could also store candy.  Lots and lots of candy. 


  • These dish gloves.  They are sticky on one side.  Super for scrubbing buckets and feeders, especially in winter.  The gardening gloves would be great for blister prevention and a bit of warmth when you are in a stall cleaning marathon. 



Not practical for riding, just as riding gloves are not practical for scrubbing buckets.


  • Fake flowers!  Great for jumps, dressage letter boxes, tack room prettiness, covering up the real plants that are no longer surviving.  




  • Microfiber cloths - like the car cleaning mitt, great for everything, just a different shape.  


  • Awesome barn worthy dinner ware.  This stuff is safe - no glass to break, and washable. And not so expensive that you will feel bad if the barn dog runs off with it and buries it. 




  • Diapers and baby wipes.  A staple to have, diapers are great for wounds and also packing hooves. 


  • Aloe vera gel.  Great for human and equine sunburns, as well as scrapes, cuts, abrasions.  A must for your first aid kit. 


  • Socks.  I was surprised at the variety of socks - great to cut the toes away for your horse’s lower legs, and also good for a spare set when the wash rack attacks and you are squishy with every step.  



Black socks are great for wearing with open toed sandals.  Super stylish. 


What do you pick up at the dollar store for the barn?


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