How can I make my work at the barn more fun and easy? 


Barn Hacks - Part SIX are the answer!  So it seems that there is no end in sight to our collective genius tips and tricks for making barn life awesome and easy and fun.  Don’t forget to add your favorite barn hack and let’s see if we can make it to Barn Hacks - Part 854.  


-When you are braiding your horse, use a rubber band on your comb to mark the width of each braid.  Your finished braids will all be perfect!  Well, at least they will all be the same width. 




-Use an empty feed bag to load a hay net.  Place a flake or two in the feed bag, then slide the net over the feed bad.  Flip over and remove the feed bag.  


-Use a pair of socks with the toes cut open as lower leg protection for your horse.  This can help keep bandages in place, keep the bugs away, or keep legs white before a show. 


-Use dryer sheets as rodent and fly repellents around the barn.  I have heard that you can also get rid of static cling and electric shocks in your horse blankets. 


-To keep shavings inside the stall, you can create a soft, hoof friendly lip with a piece of stall mat.



-Use a tire rim as a hose holder to make the most awkward horse barn chore of rolling the hose up easier. 


-Use a PVC tube with a closed end as a whip holder.  Mount on a wall or post and drill a hole in the bottom for drainage. 


-Rub a bar of soap (Irish Spring is particularly potent) on all things that your horse chews or wants to chew or thinks about chewing.  



Yucky tasting. 


-Wear wet socks to help break in a new pair of boots. 


-Keep panty liners in your first aid kit for instant horse size band aids.  


-Plain white vinegar is a great post shampoo rinse to get rid of all suds, add some shine, and repel some bugs.


-Have some shatter proof mirrors around so your horse won’t get lonely in the trailer, his stall, or when you need to see just how bad your helmet hair really is. 



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