What stuff can I use to make a Halloween costume for my horse?


One of my favorite days is coming up - Halloween!!  It’s great fun to dress up and eat candy all night long…and it’s even more fun to get your horse involved.  Or is it?  According to the internet, dressing up your horse for Halloween looks to be a stellar idea filled with cooperative horses who do not scare the other horses.  If only!

So I put together some ideas on how to make a safe Halloween costume for your horse!  


  • Make sure your costume is breakaway.  If your horse’s costume could get caught on something, like a door, gate, fence, jump standard, other human, or even your leg, it should give way so you horse can escape, and to prevent your horse from a full blown panic attack. 


  • How noisy is the costume?  Sound sensitive horses may not appreciate your creative skills as much if they are scared of the sound the costume makes.  It doesn’t have to be a bell or whistle, it could be the fabric flapping or rubbing.  


  • How flappy is the costume?  Ticklish, skittish, and horses that resemble general scaredy cats won’t like a costume that flaps about them.  


  • No pieces and parts that drag or could end up with a leg or jaw stuck to it.  Just as you keep your horse blanket straps taut so that no hooves can get stuck, same goes for your horse’s Halloween costume. 


Horse undies make a great place to start for a costume!


Some useful items that can easily be transformed into Halloween costumes include:

Polo wraps - available in every color under the sun and then some. 

Fly bonnets 

Hoodies and nylon horse “underwear” 

Fly sheets

Cotton sheets and coolers

Saddle pads


Just about every fabric and craft store has easy options for new sew, glue on, or easy sew fabric options.  You can also work with fabric paint to decorate your horse’s existing whatever. 


So many colors...


You also have the option to actually paint your horse!  Stick to horse and human safe products.  Tempera paints are non toxic, and come in loads of colors.  Shapley’s Show Touch up sprays come in lots of horse colors, so these are a good choice for non - neon paint needs.  


A few more thoughts on Halloween costumes for horses:  


Make sure you give your horse a trial run in his costume before you hop on.  For elaborate costumes you may need to try pieces at a time.  


Have extra people on hand to help in case your horse’s Halloween costume frightens his horse buddies.  Your horse may think he makes the perfect rainbow unicorn with wings and wheels, but he might scare the daylights out of his barn mates. 


Have you dressed up your horse for Halloween?  What’s your best costume tip?