Horse Show Barn Hacks!


Show hacks!  Horse shows can be great fun - if you have a plan (mostly) and if things run smoothly (mostly)!!


  • Use the barrier method after the show prep bath and before your first class to prevent stains.  Shampoo, sheet, fresh shavings, no rinse shampoo, mega curry combing, fingers crossed. 


  • Bring some colored grooming sprays with you to the show for brightening chrome before you head to the ring. 




  • Bring water from home OR have a tried and true method for enticing your horse to drink, like a touch of apple juice in his bucket.  


  • Nylon pantyhose are GREAT for buffing a wicked shine onto leather boots.  They are also great for wearing under your breeches if the weather is cold. 


  • Grab some address stickers from the home improvement store to label buckets and trunks and stuff.  This helps prevent theft and also makes sure you are not making dinner in the tack cleaning bucket.  




  • Start your packing with a list!  You can find the ULTIMATE horse show packing list here, just ignore or mark out what you don’t need and pack the rest.  This prevents you from forgetting your saddle or horse.  It happens. 


  • Bring along some white vinegar to rinse on your horse after a trip to the wash rack.  This adds shine and helps remove any remaining suds if you shampoo. 


  • Use some bailing twine as a sweat scraper.  Saves space in your trunk and also is great over bony areas like hips and shoulders. 


  • Use a large syringe (about 60cc) to rinse your horse’s mouth before you bridle.  This prevents any mouth foam from being green or grainy.  Green mouth foam will always land on the previously mentioned chrome.  




  • Bring about two feet of sturdy chain from the hardware store and a durable lock to secure your tack and grooming stall.  Some stalls are just fine with a lock, some can only be chained, so bring both. 


  • If the show will be muddy or rainy, bring a few bags of mulch to put outside of your horse’s stall.  This helps prevent a puddle from forming outside of your horse’s stall.  


  • Bring a laundry bag and a stain remover stick.  Pre-treat any stains on your show clothes or horse gear, and toss in the laundry bag to keep it separated from clean things. 


  • Stall chains make great blanket and boot and saddle pad storage/drying when tacked up to a stall wall. 




What's your best horse show hack?