How can I keep the chrome on my horse super blinding white?


Chrome on legs is so flashy!  And also so time consuming to maintain.  Unless, you know some inside tricks….like these!

The best way to maintain great chrome legs is to have a healthy horse with a super shiny, and naturally oily, coat.  This starts with a healthy diet and elbow grease.  LOTS of elbow grease.  Then, we can do somethings that really make that chrome stand out.  


That's a lot of chrome!


The first thing you can do is clip the legs.  This creates a super easy leg to clean, and will remove any stains on the hairs.  Most show horses are clipped from the knees and hocks down, using a clipper blade that doesn’t clip too close to the delicate pink skin.  My advise is to use a clipper blade that leaves more hair than you think you want, you can always go shorter.  Click here for more tips on clipper blades.  Use major caution in the summer if you do this, leaving a bit of hair will cover the pink skin and help with sunburn protection and fly protection.  


Look at the number of the blade you are using - and just below it you will find how many mm of hair the blade leaves.  Anything less than 1.5 mm is too short for pink skin.  You could use a blade that leaves 2.8 mm.


Now that you have clipped legs (or even if you skip this step), here are more tips on getting and keeping that chrome white.


  • Use the fan setting on a spray nozzle to squeegee the dirt from your horses legs in the wash rack.  Use shampoo sparingly so that the natural stain repelling oils build up.  


  • Towel dry the legs, and even consider using a fan to speed up drying in the summer. 





  • Use a shine product or detangler to coat the leg hairs and help prevent stains.  If you do get a stain, try using warm water and a washcloth to remove it before you add in more products.  If you have sufficient natural oils, this will do the trick. 


  • You may consider using fly boots to help repel dirt.  I would not suggest wrapping legs with polos or standing wraps for the purpose of dirt repelling (these wraps are designed for exercise or medical support, nothing else.)  Fly boots also have the added bonus of keeping flies away.  BAM. 


  • Keep your horse’s living quarters super clean.  Scoop manure and urine spots from his bedding more often if needed.  


  • Sprinkle your horse’s chrome legs with cornstarch or baby powder before you enter the show ring.  



Use spot cleaners to touch up any chrome on your horse.  These are no rinse!



  • Only use super clean boots and wraps while you exercise your horse.  (On a side note, try and use natural materials here.  Unnatural materials make the legs sweat more, which can stain them more, and also can really heat up the delicate tendons in a negative way.)


  • Think marathon, not sprint.  A healthy horse with a natural bloom doesn’t happen overnight!




What tips do you have for keeping your horse's chrome bright?