Can I use WD 40 or other chemical solvents on my horse?  


Please, for the love of horses, keep WD40 (and all household cleaners and chemicals) FAR AWAY FROM HORSES.  I know I’m probably going to sound like a nagging mother about this, but I have seen way to many pictures and suggestions on the internet lately of using WD 40 on horses. It’s just wrong.  



The front of the can spells out some of the dangers. 


I personally love WD 40.  In the garage.  When I need to get a piece of metal unstuck.  When I am working on my car.  (Ok, that doesn’t happen but the husband works on our vehicles and he uses it.) It’s really as easy as reading the label.  WD 40 is very clear, on both sides of the can, about it’s uses and the serious hazards.  A few highlights of the WD 40 warnings:

  • Harmful or fatal if swallowed.  Ok, your horse is not going to drink it, but he may chew his buddies tail or ingest some when he’s mutually grooming his BFF. 


  • Flammable.  This means, literally, easily set on fire.  


 NO NO NO NO NO.  Keep this stuff in the garage!


  • Inhalation of spray mist may be harmful or fatal.  Is it really worth it? 


  • Skin contact - wash with soap and water.  WD 40 is not designed to touch skin!  Ever!!


  • Eye contact - flush eyes with large amounts of water for 15 minutes.  (Have you ever seen your horse rub his face on his front legs?)  This is how chemicals end up in horse eyes.  



The warnings continue on the back of the can! 


If you have a grooming problem that may require the use of dangerous, flammable, and toxic chemicals, please call me instead.  I can give you dozens of safe ideas about how to handle your grooming conundrum that won’t end in a vet bill.  


One more thing - there is NO FISH OIL in WD 40.  This is a MYTH - proven by this statement on the WD 40 website, see screenshot below.   (But does it really matter with all of the warnings?)



There is no fish oil in WD 40.  Fish oil in WD 40 is a HUGE MYTH.  



What are your alternatives to using WD 40 on your horse?