What are the best barn hacks to save time?  


Glad you asked.  This is PART DEUX of barn hacking (with many submissions from you guys!!).


Use a different container to hold your very gooey and stain-y thrush medications.  Ketchup bottles with the fine tip work really well!! I have also used spray bottles from the home improvement store, but the pumps can clog a bit.  You can also use a syringe, good for added control! 



Old ketchup bottle.  Now thrush medication bottle. 


Veggie baby foods are great mixers for gross tasting medicines!  Be sure that you pick a flavor that your horse will like, like carrot or apple, and stay away from broccoli and other veggies that are toxic to horses.  (Here’s a list of toxic treats here).


While you are shopping for baby stuff, pick up some baby wipes, too.  These guys have a million uses.  I would be lying if said I don't use them to tidy up before going out in public after the barn.  For a more complete list, see this article here on the uses of baby wipes. 


Use a stall freshener like Sweet PDZ under your bedding.  It's super absorbant and eliminates all ammonia!  This also makes your bedding last longer....  dollars saved!



Bell boots that you pull on can test your arm muscles and your patience.  Soak them in some hot water before you use them so they are more pliable!



Get these pliable by soaking in some hot water.


 Use your favorite hoof dressing on the sole of your horse’s hooves to help dirt, mud, poop, snow, you name it, have a harder time sticking.  It also makes cleaning your horse’s hooves easier!


The paper lining of your horse’s feed bags can be used as poultice paper!  More on poultice here.




If you horse loves to drag his bedding down the barn aisle, time to install some broom bristles into the door.  You will probably need two, with one cut down a bit.  But, a little labor to install makes up for infinite hours of sweeping saved.  The brooms are better than a board if your horse likes to whack his hooves around.  




Use a few rubber braiding bands as bridle keepers until you can make it to the tack store to pick up some replacement keepers.  


Use the flat or fan setting on your hose nozzle to liquid squeegee the dirt from your horse.  So satisfying!!



The fan or flat setting on nozzles is awesome!


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What’s your best barn hack!?