Like a good friend of mine once said, "Have you ever known a horse to take itself to the Vet?"  It's up to us to decide when to bring in the Doctor.  These articles give you a place to start - any questions call the Vet!


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How Horses Sleep

The basics of how horses sleep, and things to look for if you suspect your horse isn't sleeping well!

Have Your Veterinarian Give Vaccines!

A few reasons why the Veterinarian should be the only one vaccinating your horse!

Watch Your Horse For Possible Vaccine Reactions!

An intro outlining some of the vaccine reactions that your horse may encounter after vaccinations!

Dealing With Your Horse's Bed Sores!

Horses can develop sores and rubs, some ideas on how to prevent and heal!

The Flehmen Response in Horses - What Does it Mean?

How to read your horse's flehmen response!

Tall Fescue Grass and Endophytes - How Horses are Affected

The basics about tall fescue grass, endophytes, and horses!

Let Your Horse Drink After Exercise!

Another horse myth busted! Let your horse drink after exercise for maximum hydration.

Weird Words on Feed Bags

A few common horse feed bag words and what they mean!

Grooming the Eye Area of Your Horse

Do you need to groom your horse's eye? Well, yes and no.

How to Help Your Horse Deal With Humidity

Humidity presents a special challenge for horses - and how to keep them safe and cooled off.

Are Round Bales of Hay Best For Horses?

A look at the pros and cons of using round bales of hay to feed your horses!

The Best Ways to Deworm Your Horse

Increased use of dewormers has created some resistant worms! You also need to know what dewormer to use at what time - use fecal counts in your program, too!

DMSO - all you need to know!

What Grooms and horse owners need to know about DMSO, what it's for, and how to use it.

The Bottom Line on Bots

What every Groom can do about Botfly management at the barn!

Save Your Horse's Feed Bag Labels!

By saving your horse's feed bag labels, you can easily compare nutritional information and find out if contamination is possible if the food is recalled.

Caring for the Weekend Warrior Horse!

How to care for the horse that's only active a few days a week - the weekend warrior horse!

Biosecurity at Horse Shows

How to make travels with your horse safe!

Hoof Bruises - Always a Big Deal

Some great tidbits of information about hoof bruises, and what you can do for your horse.

Weird Anatomy and Physiology Facts About Horses

Some things that you may, or may not, find interesting about horses and their anatomy and physiology.

Your Horse's Air Quality - Keep The Fresh Air Flowing!

Pay attention to the air around you and your horse - and make some changes if it's too smokey, too dusty, too much ammonia.

Grass clippings are a big NO for horses!

Find another treat - grass clippings are dangerous for horses!

Horses and Fences Don't Mix - Keep Your Horse Away From the Fence!

Some ideas on how to prevent your horse from poking his neck (and legs and other stuff) through the fence!

How To Pick The Best Team For Your Horse

Your horse is only as good as the team that you put together for him!

Can Your Horse Eat Dandelions?

The long and short answers to this question about horses and dandelions! Yes he can eat them. Conditionally.

Horse Trailering Safety - How To Position The Horses

How to load horses in your trailer to maximize safety and comfort!

Don't Let Adorable Little Buttercups Harm Your Horse

While buttercups are cute, they are toxic. What you should know about them!

What Does a Foamy Bit or Lips Mean?

Dispelling some rumors and half truths about what foamy lips mean when your horse is wearing a bit!

Horses and Cows Together - Yes or No?

There are some definite plusses (and minuses) when horses and cows share the same pasture!

Why Horses Roll - Some Ideas

Horse roll for lots of reasons - most of them are good, some are scary.

Risk Factors for Laminitis

Know the risk factors for laminitis so that you can help keep your horse healthy and happy!

Your Horse's Digestive System - The Basics And What To Look For

An introduction to the inner workings of your horse's digestive system - and how to monitor his insides by paying attention to his outsides!

An Introduction to Inflammation and Icing - And How it Affects Your Horse!

Understanding how inflammation and icing work will only help your horse stay sound and healthy in the long run!

The Dreaded Green Head Fly - Help Your Horse Deal

The green head fly is a particularly vicious fly - with only a few ways to relieve your horse of this painful annoyance!

There's No Good Reason To Use Lime Around Horses

It's a complete myth that lime is safe and/or effective to use around horses. There are better options for your horse's stall!

Tapeworms - Hard to Detect and Really Dangerous for Horses!

The tapeworms that live in horses are commonly associated with many types of colic. Trouble is, they are hard to detect!

The Respiratory System of the Horse - What to Look For!

An introduction to the horse's respiratory system, and what sorts of things you can listen and look for to be sure this system is healthy.

Photosensitivity in Horses - What to Know and What to Do

How photosensitivity works in horses, and some easy treatments with the help of your Veterinarian and some shade.

Witch Hazel at the Barn - Use With Caution

A few of the do's and don'ts when it comes to witch hazel and horses. Generally useful, but avoid these areas on your horse.

What To Do If Your Horse Eats More Than His Share Of Grain!

You may find that one morning your horse has eaten his way through the feed room... this is an emergency! An overdose of grains can make your horse develop colic and laminitis.

What Are Some Colic Risk Factors?

A handy list of some colic risk factors for your horse.

Legume Hay Versus Grass Hay - Important Stuff to Know

The main differences between legume and grass hay and how it might affect your horse!

The Cow Killer Ant - A Threat to Horses?

The low down on the cow killer ant - really a wasp - and how it got that horrible name!

Don't Feed The Cow Feed To Your Horse!

A few reasons why feeding your horse some cow food may be totally dangerous, and even deadly.

Your Horse's Integumentary System - What To Look For!

Your horse's skin is his largest organ! With so many functions, it's important to inspect him daily.

Keep The Maple Leaves Away From Your Horse

The known and unknown about maple leaf toxicity in horses!

Is Your Horse Ready for Fall and Winter?

You might be ready to pumpkin spice the universe, but your horse needs a few things before fall and winter hit full force.

Discourage Your Horse From Eating Sand

Sand ingestion can be a big, colic causing problem. Try and limit how much he can even get into his belly with these ideas!

Fall is a Risky Time For Laminitis

In the fall, your horse's own body might put him at a higher risk of laminitis. Time to be on the lookout!

Horses and Frostbite - It's Possible

The facts about horses and frostbite - and the two most likely places it will happen.

Your Horse's Hocks - Keep Them Healthy!

An intro into your horse's hocks - the joints, what to pay attention to, and how to care for the hocks!

Steaming VS. Soaking Hay - The Basics

The similarities and differences between soaking and steaming hay for your horse. And do you even need to do it?

Your Horse's Winter Skin - Special Considerations for Cold Weather

Watch out for these skin ailments in winter - you may have to dig deep on your horse under all of that coat!

The "Easy Keeper" - What You Need to Know

A horse that is an easy keeper, or air fern, often has underlying circumstances that need Veterinary monitoring and maintenance.

The Many Reasons to Ice Your Horse's Hooves

Your horse's feet can be put at risk for laminitis in many circumstances - and icing can help! Here are the top situations when you want to ice your horse's hooves.

Mosquitos, Horse Diseases, and Vaccines

Mosquitos pose a huge threat to your horse's health, EEE, WEE, and WNV are among the diseases to learn about.

Blister Beetles, Alfalfa Hay, and Horses

The dangerous relationship between blister beetles, horses, and alfalfa hay.

Hives and Horses - Why and What to Do

The basics of why horses might develop hives, and what you can do to make your horse comfortable again.

Does a Sudden Weather Change Really Cause a Horse to Colic?

A quick look into weather changes, horses, and their propensity for colic.

Pony VS Horse - What's the difference?

Some basic differences between ponies and horses - mostly in the feel good and be healthy categories.

An Intro to Your Horse's Stifle Joint!

What every horse owner should know about their horse's stifle joint - how it works, what can go wrong, how to spot problems!

So Your Horse Escaped and Helped Himself to a Hay Buffet - What Next?

The houdini horse that escapes and finds himself in front of loads of hay can often end up in serious trouble. What to do if your horse gorges on hay! Hint - Call the Vet!