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Grooming Feathers

Grooming Feathers

Leg Funk

Stud Crud - Leg Funk - Fungus among Us

Packing a Hoof

How to pack a hoof for protection or medication.

Fetlocks and Feathers

How do you like to groom fetlocks and feathers?


An introductory article about horse windpuffs and how you might be able to recognize them.

Stocking up - what you can do!

The low down on horse legs that stock up - what causes it, and what you can do about it!

Icing Horse Hooves - Why and How!

The best ways and reasons to ice your horse's hooves - just in case you ever need to!

Capped Hocks in Horses - What You Can Do!

How to manage capped hocks in horses - what they are and what you can do!

Making the Transition From Shod to Barefoot - What Grooms Need to Know!

When a horse makes the transition from shod to barefoot, there are several things that Grooms and owners can help with and watch out for!

How to Do a Fast Daily Leg Inspection

Easy steps to inspect your horse's legs for anything unusual!

Shoe Boils on Your Horse's Elbow - Panic or No?

What is that mystery squishy stuff on your horse's elbow? Could be a shoe boil!

Post Exercise Leg Care for Horses - Ice, Poultice, Sweats, Liniments!

When your horse is done exercising, it's time to address his legs. Ice, poultice, liniments, and sweats are all options!

Horse Splints 101

What you need to know about horse splints!

The One Side and Two Side Method to Hoof Picking

Two different ways to pick your horse's hooves - circumstances determine which is best!

Soaking Your Horse's Hooves

Some ideas on the best ways to soak your horse's hooves!

Quilts vs. No-Bows - What Wraps Are Best For Your Horse?

Wrapping legs is part art, part science. Pick the best pair for your horse and wrap away!

Barefoot Hooves and Hoof Boots

Sometimes the barefoot hoof needs some support, protection, or fashion. Hoof boots are the way to go!

Oils, Conditioners, Hardeners, Dressings - All for the Hoof

Some basic information on the different concoctions you can put on your horse's hooves - and what they do!

The Trail Horse - Support Those Hard Working Legs

The trail horse has a tough job - uneven terrain, wacky footing, rocks. Pamper those hooves and legs like you would any other horse!

Therapeutic Cold Treatments - Ice Packs versus Cold Hosing

Horses can benefit from cold therapy on their legs (and other parts), but which is best for your horse? The cold hose or an ice pack?

The Many Reasons to Ice Your Horse's Hooves

Ice has so many benefits to horses - and when used on hooves, can help your horse stay comfortable and healthy!

The Horse That Interferes - What to Do

Dealing with the horse that interferes - why this happens and what you can do about it!

Your Horse's Legs - Boot and Leg Protection Shopping List

Your horse's legs are valuable! He's an athlete that needs basic care and injury prevention - so here's a handy boot shopping list!

Hoof Cracks in Horses

A basic introduction into hoof cracks in horses, of the vertical variety.

Help Your Horse Keep His Shoes On!

How you can help your horse to keep his shoes on.