What products can I use on the tail?

Detanglers and conditioners can do wonders for your horse's tail during the grooming process!  You will need to balance creating a tangle free tail with one that doesn't get so sticky it becomes a dirt magnet.  



This Friesian's tail needs a lot of help - keeping it tangle free is a daily process.  Products can help.


A tangle free tail comes from many factors.  

  • Clean and dry bedding!  Wet and dirty bedding helps create that sticky feeling and contributes to yellow stains and manure patches.  
  • Overall health of your horse also plays a role, which leads to natural oils being present.  Consider this nature's detangler, although it takes quite a bit of time for those oils to reach the bottom of the tail, which is why we use detanglers from a bottle sometimes.    
  • Good cleaning and conditioning will help.  Rinse all products out well, and if you must, use a bit of your favorite detangling serum to work in the tail.  Chances are you only need to use it on the bottom third of the tail. I have had good luck with applying the serum when the tail is wet.  After the tail dries, I will pick it apart and then use a brush from the bottom up.  Many folks like to brush the tail when wet, I prefer a damp tail to dry fully before using a brush.



You can use a conditioner on your horse's tail for maximum softness and slickness.


A few more notes:

  • Detanglers can sometimes create a super slick coating on your horse's tail.  For this reason, I avoid using them on horse manes, as I don't want the reins or the rider's gloves to become slippery.


  • Sometimes less is more.  Adding a bunch of product can create a sticky tail, thus attracting more dirt. 
  • A tangle free tail will fly swat better, look nicer, and also be less likely to catch on things and get pulled out. 



Shapley's Magic Shine is great for all parts of your horse - tail included! 


  • Detanglers may help repel some stains from tails, like urine.  On the flip side, they can attract dust and dirt.  You may need to experiment.

  • Some brands come in spray form, others in gel form.  After applying a gel formula, be sure to wash your hands with soap - otherwise you will bring the game of "hot potato" to a whole new level, and get detangler all over yourself and everything you touch. 


How do you keep your horse's tail tangle free?  



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