Gather these tools and make your own braiding kit!


Much like painting a room or having a killer vacation, the key to successful braiding of your horse is prep and planning.  Same with turning out some awesome braids on your horse.  So - begin with your own amazing braiding kit and then practice a bit at home.  The basic braiding kit will have:


  • A mane comb - for pulling the mane to create even thickness and/or to even out the edges.  You can also use a mane comb that has a mark to make sure your braids are all the same width. 
This comb is marked with a braiding elastic so that you can make perfectly even braids. 
  • A hair clip - pick one up at your local beauty supply (or swipe your roomie’s) and this will hold the unbraided portion of your horse’s mane off to the side. 


  • Mane taming product - I prefer Mane Mousse, it won’t drip down your horse’s neck.  It also makes the mane soft and obedient, not crusty.  These products help with fly aways, and help to hold the braid in place. 


  • Yarn - if braiding with yarn is your jam, then have a skien on hand.  Preferably in the same color as your horse’s mane! 



So many colors to get an exact match!  (Or not!)


  • Braiding elastics - I suggest having these on hand if you need to do an emergency braid repair in warm up.  You can also do some styles of braiding without yarn!



Braiding elastics are handy to have - and for some horses and braiding styles, you can use these instead of yarn.  


  • Pull through - these tools allow you to grab the end of the braid and pull it through the base to tuck up the braid.  


  • Seam ripper - to bust through the braid yarn (and elastics if you like) to undo the braids.  Be sure not to poke your horse, or yourself.  


  • Scissors - a small pair is needed for trimming yarn. 


  • A fanny pack or apron - super to wear as you braid, everything right at hand. 
Stay organized with a container - keeps it all tidy in your trunk!
  • Handy container.  Everything should have a home!  A small, lidded container tucks all of your supplies away and keeps you organized.  
What's in your braiding kit? 


Now it’s time to practice!  What tools are in your braiding kit?