Aspire's Stock Tank Water Cleaner - your new best bud. 


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Want to know how to avoid a particularly horrid chore?  Without using blackmail?  Well, using the Aspire Stock Tank Water Cleaner will definitely allow you to skip the scrubbing of the tanks….

Aspire figured out a way to use two different types of beneficial bacteria to safely manage your stock tank water.  It could not be easier - I have been using one capful every week for a few weeks - and no scrubbing needed!  I have not even needed to empty the tank, scrub, and refill...!

Now, if you do need to refill the tanks (this happens ever so often after one of mine decides to make mud by tipping the tank), you can refill as usual and add a capful.  The treatments have no affect on how the horses drink the water, and for the most part you will only need to scoop out the hay bits, which is a much easier task than changing the water!


I would not even think of using such a product if I didn’t know it was biodegradable and safe.  The bonus being that Aspire’s Stock Tank Water Cleaner will save me a ton of time cleaning and scrubbing.  Not to mention saving all that water by not emptying, cleaning, and then refilling the stock tanks.  

I encourage you to explore Aspire’s full line of pet and horse products, naturally derived and safe.  The line also includes shampoos, thrush treatments (which worked for me in two days), rain rot treatments, and even ear cleaners.  

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