Aspire's Thrush Treatment

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Aspire has created a natural line of horse products that can help with the most annoying of horse “issues” - thrush!  Moisture, mud, and horse hooves are the perfect recipe for thrush - that stinky infection of the hoof tissues.  

Thrush is caused by anaerobic bacteria - which is a group of bacteria that lives without oxygen - perfect for the underside of a horse’s hoof.  This can cause that stinky smell and that typical black ooze.  You may also find that thrush will eat away at your horse’s hoof, and can even cause lameness, bleeding, and even secondary infection. 

Aspire has created a wonderful Thrush Treatment that is effective, easy, and purple.  (Of course, right??!)  This natural based treatment cleared up a moderate case of thrush in two days, after two applications on one of my horses.  


The trick is the application, which is really quite easy.  This Aspire Thrush Treatment is very thin, so I was a bit worried about getting purple everywhere.  What I found after application is that it soaks in quickly, so you virtually eliminate spills if you use too much accidentally (which of course I did…)  You can also easily control where it is applied, so that all critical areas can be covered.  

Now, Aspire has also created a great Rain Rot Treatment, which I tried out on my friend’s horse.  After two years of battling tiny scabs all over her horse’s body, along comes this Rain Rot Treatment and practically clears it up overnight.  (OK, it took longer, about a week!)  Bonus here is that she daps it on with her fingers, and even used it to clear up a bad case of scratches on the pastern.  Again, it’s natural based so you can trust the safety factor!


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