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One of the most challenging tasks in the world for any horse owner or trainer is filling out show entry forms.  I’m convinced that each one I fill out adds 50 gray hairs to my head.  (Where am I going with this...Just hang on for a few paragraphs!) 


We are also challenged with the tasks of somehow remembering when Farriers, Vets, Massage therapists, Dentists, and the like are due and scheduled.  And then we need to know what happened, or what needs to happen!  Now multiply this by how many horses you are in charge of.  One’s head could possibly spin off one’s neck.


Check out – Barn Management Software.  This wonderfully interactive software program organizes everything that could possibly relate to the horses in your care and simplifies your life, your head, your scribbles, your white erase board, the “what the heck did I forgets” of the horse world.   And, the information stored on is permanent - you won’t forget it, erase it, toss it in the washer, leave it at a show, or otherwise lose it. 


When you first set up an account on, (which gets it’s own URL and fancy name, by the way), you will be guided through the set up process.  This sounds like it takes forever and a day.  It does not.  You can also use a mass upload feature to cut the tiny set up time even more. 


You will be tasked with entering in the information for each horse, like name, color, age, passport info, show entry info like registration numbers (see where I’m going with this), and the like.  Upload a photo and you are on your way!


You will also enter in the names and information for Veterinarians, Farriers, Dentists, and even details about feed, supplements, medications, and vaccines. When it comes to documenting your horse’s activities, you can program all sorts of activities and who rides your horse.  This comes in handy if you are going to a show or vacation (gasp), as you can actually preplan your horse’s work routine so that your rider or caretaker knows exactly what to do with your guy.  Don’t worry if you forgot someone or something, you can always revisit the set up of to add more items or information!


The best parts for me when using are the calendar (which links all of your information and appointments and training schedule) and the email reminders.  You can send your horse’s calendar to your iCal, and you can also program to send you email reminders about upcoming appointments.  You set the time and enter an email address and you will never forget about another appointment.  Ever had that feeling when you get in the car to go home that there’s something important to do, but can’t remember what?  No more. 



Perhaps the best part of this Barn Management Software is that you can also schedule in shows, and as you prepare for shows you can simply look at your horse’s records, get his registration info that is handily stored in one place, and forget about searching through stacks of paper on that thing that at one point was supposed to be a desk.  Show entries just became the most simple thing ever!  Wait, wait just a minute….so show entries are easy, but now so is billing.  For trainers, employers, and barn managers, sending out statements is ridiculously challenging...until now. can do that too, freeing up your time to do other fun stuff, which is basically anything other than sending out statements! can be used from a computer, your phone, a tablet.  You don’t need to download anything, and if you get stuck you can send a message to customer service for pronto help.  Definitely more bang for your buck, with endless ways to simplify your barn’s record keeping and assuring your horses are all on track. 


You can try for free on a trial basis!  It's definitely worth it.  You can also follow on Facebook here and Twitter here!