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A brush is a brush, right?  Sure, just like a Ferrari is a “car”.  I had the distinct pleasure of trying a line of brushes from Reinhold’s Horse Wellness.  This line of brushes, made in Germany, will take your grooming to a much easier and beautiful place.  And by easy, I also mean fast, stress free, and simple. 

My favorite brush, called “the Feeling” (so romantic, right?), is amazing to hold, use, and creates such shine.  You can order one in “women’s” size or “men’s” size, and honestly, ordering the one for you will make a huge difference in how you groom.  It’s wooden ergonomic base and wide leather strap need to match your hand. The soft elk leather strap has a Velcro closure and is adjustable. (As a total bonus, the fit makes the brush stress-free to hold and use, and it is not flying out of your hand.  And YES—I did that a lot with other brushes.) 


This brush is amazing, made of super sleek and polished up beech wood and horse hair.  It’s a medium length brush, and the fibers are super dense and a bit stiff.  This creates the best finishing brush, which helps to smush down the hairs and shine ‘em up at the same time.  

The outer bristles are not too dense, a bit longer ,and more wispy to get those last bits of dust off the coat.  The inner bristles are packed tight and do the heavy work of smoothing the hair and creating that amazing shine.   The quality of the brush and bristles stands up to cleaning in two ways.  Scraping on a metal curry comb didn’t create broken or falling out bristles, and soaking during the water and soap cleaning process left all bristles intact.  Drying was easy, and the bristles returned to their original shape and heft.  


The rest of the line is equally amazing; the massage curry comb is a barn favorite and seems to grow legs and walk away from my grooming box into my barn mate’s boxes…..  (insert annoying look here…).  The curry is deeper than any I have seen, which really seems to catch the dirt and hair.  (Great during winter and shedding season!)  The photo below shows the dirt trapped on one side of my horse with a regular curry (top dirt pile) and the other side of my horse with the massage curry from Reinhold's *(bottom mountain of dirt).  Clearly I let my horse roll around in the dirt too much.  


The hard and soft dandy brushes have super long natural bristles, which in terms of efficiency, make your grooming process go super fast.  I describe these brushes having “maximum flicking ability” which makes for easier and faster Grooming. 

The entire line of grooming goodies from Reinhold’s Horse Wellness is of professional quality and durability.  Easy to use, clean, and snazzy enough that you will need to put GPS tracking devices into them to prevent theft.  C’mon !!  If we are going to be Pro Grooms – we better have the right tools!  

You can see and order the entire line of grooming tools here.  

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