Ecolicious Equestrian's Smeg-U-Later


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Ecolicious Equestrian has finally done it.  (And by “IT” I mean create a way to clean sheaths and udders that does not make you gag.)  Ecolicious has created SMEG-U-LATER All Natural sheath cleaner to help break up the smegma in those oh so delicate areas. 


Just in case you are unfamiliar with smegma, it’s the accumulation of skin, moisuture, and oils in the sheath and udders and around the penis.  Some horses have flakey smegma, some have dry.  Some produce it by the bucket, some hardly at all.  The bottom line is that cleaning the sheath can be beneficial to your horse for a lot of reasons.  And as Grooms and horse owners, we want the most gentle and effective way to do this particular job.  As Grooms, we really want this to be easy - as our show horses can’t be presented with black stick goo on the inside of their hind legs!!  Oh, we also want it to smell like flowers, be totally natural, and make our horses happy.  (Tall order, I know!)


The SMEG-U-LATER is a great idea - combine lavender, natural goodies, and make it super concentrated so you are not wasting a lot of product.  A tiny dab warmed up in your gloved hands goes a long way, and the wonderful, botanical aroma soothes you, your horse, and covers up that distinctive smell that we all recognize.  


I used about a dime size amount to start, warmed it up, and went to town.  My horses don’t drop for me to clean, so I need to gently reach up.  The smooth texture of SMEG-U-LATER made for an easy cleaning experience, and I know that I’m not causing any micro abrasions or irritations.  Any discomfort on their part is also diminished, as the lovely oils made the smegma much easier (and safer) to remove. 


For me, and my horses, the ingredient list is the most important thing to consider when using any grooming products.  Ecolicious Equestrian is conscious of this, and creates their goodies with the most natural ingredients around.  And the smell, texture, and safety are top notch. 


This *almost* makes me enjoy sheath and udder cleaning!!   You can find Ecolicious Equestrian on the web here, and follow them on facebook here!

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