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My first experience with EcoLicious Products was the De-Stress Intensive Restructuring and Detangling Treatment.  

The first “creature” that I tried it on was me.  I could not help it at all, the smell is amazing.  And, after spending the hot day in a riding helmet and then a ball cap, I had a bit of a tangled mess.  The De-Stress went right on smoothly, and my brush didn’t get stuck.  The added bonus - now my hair smells nice, too!



The second creature I tried this on was my horse Miguel, a big gray boy, with a pretty average tail in terms of thickness and density, in between an Appaloosa and a Fresian.  The thing about Miguel is that he LOVES to be dirty.  And I mean DIRTY.  He will roll anywhere if the mood strikes him, on grass, in mud, in sand, in poop.  Typical detanglers do the job for his tail.  Unfortunately, they also like to create a dirt loving coating.  After a good roll, you can see the top of his tail is white, and the bottom is dirt colored, which doesn’t come off until your next shampoo.

De-Stress is a bit different - and in a much better way.  It works just as well as the typical detanglers.  However, it smells better, isn’t full of things I just can’t pronounce, and it’s not sticky.  It did not create any sort of “dirt glue”.  His tail stayed WHITE!! 


Now for the fun stuff.  The full body bath which we both take at the same time.  Because Miguel also likes to shake during his bath.  We both tried the Green and Squeaky Clean Horse Shampoo.  The smell alone is amazing - citrus!  Now for the best part - it lathers like crazy.  And I mean crazy.  (Which, being a girl, I love.)    You can tell from the lather if you missed a spot.  

Now, have you ever rinsed your horse for what seems like hours, only to find suds when you sweat scrape?  Not the case here.  Hence the name “Squeaky”….  

I was a bit worried that I would soon begin to itch, as Miguel had so lovingly shared some of the lather with me via a good, healthy shake.  Yes, I cold rinse off my arms, but not really my neck or face.  I didn’t itch at all, and again ended up smelling great.  





After!  Much better....    

I will also add that I saved up a lot of dirt and poop stains and yellow tail before the bath.  The Green and Squeaky clean cleanser turned his tail white, without any chemicals or harsh detergents.  

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