The EquiStix - from Equus Athletics!

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Hhhhmmmm…. Was my first thought about this handy rubber roller on a stick thing that is supposed to “massage” my horse.  Of course, a good bit of skepticism is a good thing, right?  Keeps me on my toes, right?  Keeps me objective, right??  Sure.  

So I picked the EquiStix from Alexis, the owner of Equus Athletics We met for dinner and chatted forever.  My hubbie was along also, and as soon as we were in the parking lot, I had him use the EquiStix on my back and neck.  Yummy.  Much better.  I had been at the USDF Symposium all day, and the *stellar* bleachers really do not help your butt or back feeling good.  

The next days brought the product testing on my horses/guinea pigs.  First is the older and stiffer Grand Prix horse, Miguel.  He’s quite the laid back guy, so looking for signs of his enjoyment was tricky at best.  I did manage to get some lip wiggles and head dropping, and eventually a full on smacking tongue.  Good job!


Next tester is my younger jumper, Comet, who has been in a field for over a year just chillin’.  He’s slowly getting back to work, so this was a great way to see if he was sore from our previous day’s exercise.  Nope - and he thought this thing was great!  Lots of leaning into me, cocking hips, and head dropping with lip smacking enjoyment.  A winner with him for sure.  

The best part of this was the following day.  Both boys were easy and relaxed and supple and happy.  I have been using the EquiStix before and after rides, and the more I do it, the better they feel and the more they enjoy it.  


A total necessity for any horse owner.  As an added bonus - your arms are going to rock!  This can be a bit of a workout for you also, especially if you listen to your horse telling you “more, more” and you keep going, and going, and going…..Enjoy!

You can order online here. 


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