Espana SILK All Protein Detangler.


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The Espana SILK All Natural Protein Detangler, Full Body Sheen, and Protectant Spray with Sunscreen is actually ONE product.  It seems to have about a million different uses.  Luckily, you don’t have to press a bunch of buttons or anything, it’s one spray in one bottle that you can use wet, dry, or even damp. 

And what does it DO?  Well, first it’s a darn good detangler.  It won’t get your mane and tail so slippery that you can’t braid, and it won’t make your reins dangerously slickery.  It lasts for 4 days on my horse’s tail, and he lives outside and loves to roll.  For someone on a budget, this is important. 


The Espana SILK Protein Detangler is also something that I would describe as a full body shine inducing spray, but not so slick that your saddle will slide off spray.  It creates more of a soft fluffy feeling, with a subtle healthy shine.  I have been using it dry, to help cut the winter static and create a super soft coat as I curry and brush. I spritz on before I start grooming, and those static shocks are gone.  It’s been helping to tame the winter coat stray hairs, too!  (The photo above is my own wooly mammoth after a spritz and a groom.)  It may be helpful to you to spray it directly on your brushes, this is a great way to help tame the mane.  Hooves benefit from a spritz, too!



As far as the sunscreen part goes - it’s a MUST for any horse that goes outside.  The sunscreen in Espana’s SILK Protein Detangler is a UV hair protectant, which helps to save coat colors from bleaching out.  It protects the hairs from excessive heat from the sun.  (Just a note here - this is not the same as the SPF we are used to from our own skin sunscreen.  UV hair protectant products don’t have a rating!)

I'm really only touching on some of the uses, visit their website for more details, and follow them on FB for up to date announcements!