Mrs. Conn’s Bath Day Enriched Sponges


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Grooms, horse owners, and trainers are busy folks, and horses are dirty, dirty creatures!  We don’t want to cut corners with our horses, and we don’t want to spend a zillion hours at the barn or the show in the wash rack.  Convenience at home and less stuff to pack, and unpack, and then use, at the show is a huge bonus.


So what about these Mrs. Conns Bath Day Enriched Sponges They fit the bill.  And what the heck are they?  These little sponge guys are pre-loaded with specialty shampoos.  No bucket, no bottle of shampoo, no bathing mitt, just add water.


The beauty of these shampoo/sponge combo tools comes from the formulas available, and the sponge itself.  You can pick up Mrs. Conns Bath Day Enriched Sponges in several botanically enhanced flavors - Original, Oatmeal, Fruit Smoothie, Fresh Herbal, Lemon Meringue, and Chaparral.  Each special formula tackles a specific issue - from adding shine, to soothing sore skin, to helping fight skin issues with tea tree oil.  (Mrs. Conn's website has an awesome description of each shampoo formula here!)


The sponge itself is going to always have a home with me, even after I have squeezed every last drop of shampoo from it.  It’s the perfect mix of easy to hold, stiff, and effective on the tough stuff while soft for faces. 


It’s totally easy to shampoo a bay, black, or even chestnut horse.  Try a grey horse that lives outside and only sleeps is the dirtiest place imaginable, even thought a perfectly bedded house is available.  This was my “guinea pig” for the Mrs. Conn’s Bath Day Enriched Sponges test drive.  (Passed the test with flying colors). 


I wet my horse down, then I gave the Mrs. Conn’s Sponge a quick spray with the hose.  Then, enacting a very famous scene from a karate movie, I used a wax on and wax off motion to get some lather going.  Then, rinse and you are done. 

This unedited photo shows how shiny he is in the sun.  (Trust me on the unedited part, who has time?)




These are perfect for home, show, and holiday stockings!! 


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