Shapley's Magic Sheen


This is a sponsored post.  The companies that sponsor the product reviews compensate me to write them.  Regardless, the opinions and uses that I find for the products are entirely my own, and I only suggest and recommend products that I personally use and believe my readers could benefit from.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.



I’m a huge fan of keeping things simple.  Use elbow grease as necessary, make things simple and clear for your horse, make a few trips with lots of items instead of lots of trips with a few items.  I also want a few simple horse grooming products to really spiff things up - and Magic Sheen is one of them. But did you know there are many, many uses for Shapley’s Magic Sheen?  


My favorite uses for Magic Sheen so far: 


-Added shine.  Use before a ride to sleek up your horse.  Wow the judges, or just your barn mates. 


-Detangled tail.  A little bit goes a long way and works for a tail that is brushed out as well as a tail that is picked out - your choice.  


-Stain repellent.  Great to use on socks and stockings, tails and manes to repel stains.  Grass and manure spots slide off easily!


-Helmet hair helper.  Nothing says “I live in a barn” more than helmet hair.  A little Magic Sheen on your locks with a brush can turn crazy hair into civilized hair.  If you are into that sort of thing.


-Zipper unsticking.  Ever been stuck in a pair of riding boots or breeches due to an uncooperative zipper?  Spray some Magic Sheen and you are good to go.  


-Make your shampoo go further.  A spritzing with Magic Sheen after a bath creates a layer of dust and dirt repelling goodness. 


-Your clippers will be like a hot knife through butter.  Use Magic Sheen before you clip.  Saves your clipper blades, reduces lines, and makes the whole clipping process easy.  


-Protect tail and mane hairs from breakage.  Dry and brittle hairs break, but protected hairs are less likely to get snagged and break. 


-Remove burrs from manes and tails.  Also super for wind knots! 


-Prevent blanket rubs.  A sleek coat lets the blankets glide easily over your horse, reducing blanket rubs!  



What other uses do you have for Shapley’s Magic Sheen?