Shapley’s Mane Mousse

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Remember the 80’s and 90’s when using hair mousse was popular?  Well, leave it to Shapley’s to bring it back for the ponies.  It’s practically time travel! It’s a real mousse, and it works wonders for your horse’s mane and tail. 


The Mane Mousse is designed to help with a few mane “issues” that almost every horse owner and Groom needs to contend with.  The flyaway mane, the two sided mane, the static attacked mane and tail, and the braids that just won’t cooperate or smooth out.  


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The best part of the Mane Mousse is the application - spray it into your hand, or spray it directly onto the mane (or tail).  The applicator is almost silent, and a little bit goes a long way.  


Mane Mousse is also not sticky, so you don’t need to worry about the mane and tail turning into a dust or dirt magnet.  I originally tried it when braiding a horse’s mane.  I braided a mane of a horse that had some rubbed out areas, which created a lot of potential “crazy” hairs after the braid was done.  No issue with the Mane Mousse, the formula shines up the hairs and sticks them together with no drippy or sticky residue.  



The Mane Mousse formula is easy to “direct” where you want it to go, even if you spray it directly onto the mane.  You won’t end up with drips that come onto the neck, and act like dust attracting hair spray.


Great for tails, too, if the weather is windy or dry and you are battling static.  If you are training a mane to lay to one side, or you are taming a wild tail top, Mane Mousse is useful there, also.  Use a smidge every day to slick down the hairs and help keep them that way.  

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Of course it’s great for braiding, you can apply to the whole mane or one section at a time, no worry about drips and drying to a crust before you get your braids in.  Don’t worry if you accidentally use too much, it’s good for people hair, too!  It will help your pony tail stay put, and it can help you undo a bit of the helmet head.  


You can find Shapley's on the web here, and follow them on FB here!  Shapley's is a huge supporter of Grooms, and travels the US every year giving awards to Grooms for all of their hard work.