Shapley's No. 1 Light Oil


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Now the good stuff - the No. 1 Light Oil!

In all of my years of grooming, I have always tried a few of the products out on my own hair.  Often, the result of working at the barn all the live long day, then remembering about the hat hair and the grocery store on the way home.  No. 1 Light Oil is no different, it’s great for my hair.  (Ok - must remember to write this about HORSES….so I better get down to it)  The top uses for Shapley’s No. 1 Light Oil are: 


-Post clipping deep conditioner.  Coat your horse with some No. 1 Light Oil, toss on a sheet, and let it set a few hours or overnight.  The next day the freshly clipped hair will be soft and shiny.


No more dull hair coat after clipping!

-Highlighter.  Before you step into the show ring, you can highlight your horse’s face and nose with a gentle rub of No. 1 Light Oil.  


-Detangler.  For wind knots, crazy tails, and unruly manes.  The Light Oil will leave a bit of a residue, so dirt may stick.  But, if you have a major detangling mess on your hands the Light Oil will make fast work of it.  It’s easily rinsed out with some Hi Shine Shampoo.  


-Shedding hair collector.  Spritz your horse with No. 1 Light Oil and then rub your horse down with a towel.  This contains most of the shedding hairs, which means less to sweep, less to sneeze about, less to get stuck on your lip gloss.


-Prevent blanket rubs with a light coating before blankets are put on. 


-Shine maker.  Use No. 1 Light Oil with a spray nozzle to spritz on a light mist of shine.  You can follow with a brush.  


-Create luster and sheen on manes and tails.  Use that same spray nozzle to apply a tiny amount to manes and tails, the No. 1 Light Oil makes the hair light up.  Only a tiny bit is needed!


-Protect your show ring tail extensions.  No. 1 Light Oil is a great conditioner, and you can use it on your horse’s tail extensions to preserve and condition the hairs. 


Tail extensions need love, too!


-Use with tail braids and tail bags for a deep conditioning effect, much like oil treatments for your own hair!  


-Snowball repellent for winter.  A coating of No. 1 Light Oil on your horse’s hoof sole helps hooves stay clear of the dreaded snowball pack.  



No. 1 Light Oil is my grooming secret weapon - for me and my horses.  It saves my hair from certain doom when I swim in salt or chlorinated water (I use it before I go swimming) and it has saved many a clipped horse from looking dull.  A must for every grooming kit - and you never need to use a lot.  One bottle lasts, which of course all of our pocketbooks enjoy.



What’s your best use for No. 1 Light Oil?