Shapley's Show Touch Ups


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So let me paint a picture for you:  It’s show day, clinic day, big shot trainer day, fancy lesson day, you get the idea.  You are skipping down the barn aisle towards your horse, knowing you are about to have the ride of your dreams!  And then this:

1.jpg     2.jpg

Or, your horse’s spiffy chrome is now more “abstract manure art”.  Or your horse has decided to shake rattle and roll inside of his blanket and he now has rub marks from his blanket.  No worries, grab your cans of Shapley’s Show Touch Up and create your own show day miracle.  


Shapley’s Show Touch Up is basically hair in a can.  Yes, that sounds a bit weird, but the reality is that Show Touch Ups can cover up any missing hair, rubs, and even super tough stains.  And it’s not really hair in the can, but it sure looks like it!  Show Touch Up is super easy to apply, just shake the can and spray on the affected area.  (Be sure the affected area is NOT an open wound)  Holding the can about 12 inches from stain or bald area is best.  You may need to apply a few coats.  The photo above shows only one coat, and already the baldness is gone.  


There are a bunch of colors to use, you may need to use more than one to get the best blend.  There is even a gray and a white, which work well for gray horses.  The white formula of Show Touch Up is great for legs, which are spectacular when they are blazing white in the show ring, but are often impossible to get that way at the show grounds.  Use the Show Touch Up on your horse’s chrome, and no more stains, only blinding white.  


You can also use Show Touch Up on your horse’s hooves to get an even color.  Just be sure to check with the rules of your discipline - some disciplines only allow clear hoof polish!  The beauty of using the Show Touch Up on your horse’s hooves is that the color stays.  Also know it’s fast drying, so it doesn’t stay goopy and attract dirt and footing.  It’s also great on tails, you can turn your wispy Appy tail into a tail that you would normally see on a Friesian.  (Not really, but Show Touch Ups add volume!)  When you are using the spray on hooves or a tail, be sure allow for overspray and cover up any areas with your hand (or a towel or something) that you don’t want sprayed!


You don’t have to remove Shapley’s Show Touch Ups, wears off by itself!  If you do need to remove it, go for an oil based product like Hi Gloss Finishing Spray and then wash off.  You can follow Shapley's on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also learn about their entire product line on their website!  


How do you use Shapley’s Show Touch Up?