Silverquine - Wound and Summer Sore Dressing


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I was recently introduced to a new way to treat wounds, scrapes, and cuts.  Silverquine.  (I’m guessing that you know by now that Silver is an active ingredient.)  As an owner of two horses, there is rarely a time when one of them does not have some sort of scrape, cut, scratch or ouchie.  I have spent a lot of time on finding a good cream or ointment or spray that meets some very tough criteria - one of them being that it must work for my horses that live outside.  Outside living means you need to worry about dirt and bugs a bit more, and the last thing you want is a treatment that attracts dirt and bugs.    

Please visit the Silverquine website - they have lots of informative videos and demonstrations so you can actually see the process.   Be on the lookout for future products and reviews also - like a preventive care shampoo, and a wound wash!

Silverquine fits the bill for me for several reasons:


-Natural ingredients.  Silver is known to have anti microbial properties, and can even fight yeasts and other fungi.  Pretty snazzy!


-It’s clear!  I like to see what is going on with a cut or wound - I don’t want to cover it up with a spray that’s red, or a sticky ointment that’s pink, or even a cream that’s white.  I want to make sure that I can see healing.  Washing off medications to inspect wounds may make things worse! 


-It’s not sticky. While any horse that lives outside like mine will end up with an extra layer of dust or mud, I don’t want my wound treatments to magnetize the dirt.  Silverquine’s non sticky formula will get some dust, but not the volumes of goo and dirt that stickier products will!


-It’s not smelly.  And it’s not attractive to bugs.


-It doesn’t sting.  No way, no how do I put anything on the boys if I think it will sting.  The  way to find out?  Test Silverquine on myself.  Luckily (?) I always have something that needs some TLC.  In this case, I tried it on a giant cut I had from cooking.  And by cooking I mean attempting to cook.


-This stuff is versatile!  Wounds, rain rot, and even thrush can all be tackled with Silverquine.  I was skeptical about the thrush part - mainly because Silverquine comes in a tube and we are so accustomed to sprays for thrush.  Silverquine is not too runny or too “ointmenty”, so easy application into the hooves.  


Silverquine is a definite must have for the vet kit!  You can purchase Silverquine here on their website and be sure to follow along on Facebook - lots of good stuff there!