Spitfire Product's Spider Wrap Bandage


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There comes a time in every horse owner’s life when you think you have seen it all and then your wacky horse goes and does something for the record books.  For those times, we have a Vet Kit, a handy assortment of ointments, medications, and first aid supplies.  Your Vet Kit also needs to have Spitfire’s Spider Wrap Bandage.  You never know when you will need one!


A spider bandage is used to wrap and protect your horse’s knee or hock in the event of an injury, swelling, irritation, wound.  You apply them over a layer of thick cotton bandaging or even a quilt cut to size.  The spider bandage’s “legs” on each side of the bandage are tied, starting from the top and working down.  Your next knot down should cover the tails from your previous knots.


Spitfire Products makes a spider bandage that’s pretty much perfect.  It’s perfectly cut, and fits knees of all shapes and sizes.  You can remove a few of the spider legs with scissors if it’s too long for your pony, but for horses the Spitfire Spider Wrap is the perfect size to cover from above the knee to below the knee.  The spider wrap’s “legs” are also long enough to wrap around the knee of a giant draft horse, but can also handle a tiny pony.  For teeny tiny horses, you may need to add another layer of cotton batting, but you should be fine!


The fabric has just the right amount of stretch, which is great for those of us that are not well practiced with bandages.  You want a little bit of “give”, but with enough “stay” that the bandage will do it’s job without cutting off blood to the lower leg.  All Spitfire Spider Wrap Bandages come with easy instructions for both knee and hock application.  When you apply the spider wrap yourself, always do so under the guidance of a Veterinarian, and don’t forget to bend the knee and hock after application.


My first thought when I tried this bandage was that it was disposable.  Not the case!  You can easily undo the knots that keep the bandage on and save your Spitfire Spider Wrap for another day.  The spider wrap bandages come in a reusable bag that easily fits into the most cramped of vet kits. 


Spitfire Products also has a poultice paper, aptly named Spitfire’s Poultice Paper, which is a giant roll of the best paper for wrapping clay legs. Study, thick, and it will protect your wraps from the clay. 


You can learn more here on Spitfire’s website here, and be sure to follow Spitfire on Facebook and Twitter! 


For ordering info, you can ask your local tack or feed shop to stock Spitfire products for you!  I have also found the Spitfire Spider Wrap Bandages on a few online retailers.  Same goes for the Spitfire Poultice Paper!