STAYONS Instant Poultice Hoof Wrap


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Hamilton Biovet sent over a lovely package, and inside was a collection of their Instant Poultice products.  I did not know much about these innovative hoof poultice wraps, but what I did know was the word INSTANT.  (In a Groom’s life, the word instant equals miracle).   


The STAYONS Instant Poultice Hoof Wraps are designed to replace your previous method of poulticing the hoof.  Loosely translated, no more of the following:-Diaper 

-Hoof goo of your choice 

-Protective gloves 

-Newspaper, paper towel or poultice paper 

-Duct tape and vet wrap 

-Protective outer hoof boot 


(This also means that you save boatloads of time while you are going from tack room to feed room to tack trunk to vet kit to extra supply area trying to find all of this stuff.) 


The STAYONS Instant Poultice Hoof Wrap is sort of like a big taco band aid for the hoof, with all of the above ingredients already there.  The poultice is IN the diaper type apparatus already.   


This is what you do: Grab your ready to go poultice “taco”, and dunk it for 15-60 seconds in hot or cold water.   


Pick up your horse’s hoof and align the toe with the mark in the Instant Poultice Hoof Wrap.   


Fold up the back towards the fetlock, and the front folds up to cover the hoof.  This ensures the entire hoof is covered with poultice!   


Apply the tough, and reusable, exterior boot to hold everything in place.  Done.  No more poultice everywhere, no more crusty stuff to scrape off in the morning.  The best part?  You can compost your Instant Poultice when you are done.  YES, compost.   


The different formulations give you options when dealing with the myriad of reasons to use a hoof poultice.  Hard footing or a cross country ride?  Try the Epsom salt version.  For abscesses, try the bran version.  For injuries and bruises, the clay version would be good.  (Don’t forget to work with your Veterinarian on any possible hoof issue - it could be totally minor, or crazy major.) 


Hamilton Biovet also has this technology in a different shape - the STAYONS Instant Poultice Leg Wrap.  Same great stuff, same easy application, different location on your horse! You can follow them on Facebook here.  You can also order easily from their website here!