Absorbine Hooflex Natural - Spray Conditioner

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I think everyone who has ever known a horse also knows Hooflex.  It’s a staple at most farms, and everyone knows the bottle and brush.  The product is a liquid, so it can be really tricky to apply at shows, when your horse is exiting the warm up headed for the show ring.  First, you can bet the footing is pretty icky, and your horse I’m sure doesn’t like to stand still.  Then, you have to fumble with a bottle and brush?  


Ta-dah!!  Not anymore.  Absorbine created the world’s best Groom friendly way to apply hoof polish - the spray can!!  And huge bonus - it works upside down!!!  (Just like us - upside down when it comes to hooves!)  You also can use it one handed, it is compact, and fits neatly into your ringside bucket or apron.  

The shine that their formula creates is almost like a mirror, and I am really pleased to find out that Absorbine has added some great new natural and green ingredients.  Tea Tree Oil, Avocado Oil, Arnica, and Comfrey are added to the formula.  There are also no chemicals or dyes.  I’m a huge advocate of natural = better.


The other thing that I noticed immediately is that you don’t need to apply every day, only every 2 to 3 days.  Lots of savings there!



A great product, with a genius, Groom friendly applicator!  Find retail locations here!