The BioRider at Home Fitness Training DVD


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Many of you are wondering right now WHY on earth would I care about “working out” when being a Groom is work enough.  Well, for a few reasons.  As Grooms, we do a lot of things that can cause injury, and I’m not talking about being stepped on here.  Horses yank and push us, we spend a lot of time walking, standing, bending over, and using our bodies to perform repetitive tasks.  (Don’t get me started on mucking and sweeping.)Many of us also ride, and being strong in the correct muscle groups is important.  Being centered, balanced, and working towards not being one sided is important for riding also.  We also need some sort of time away from work to let the stress go.  




For me, I discovered that working out improved my function at work and in the saddle.  I improved my posture,  which is great for all those hand walks and hand grazing.  I have become more aware of my one-sidedness, and can actively take steps to correct that during the workday.  I’m also more centered and strong in the saddle.  (Horses appreciate this quite a bit!)  I also am stronger, more flexible, and more aware which helps prevent injury.  And, at the end of a long day, I can work out even for 20 minutes and go to bed with a clear head.

Enter Bridget Braden-Olson and her BioRider Fitness DVD.  Boy was I in for a “treat” of reality.  I ride my boys 6 days a week (12 rides a week).  I ride dressage mostly, and one of mine also goes as a jumper so I use a different saddle which alters my balance and leg/core/upper body position.  I also do power yoga 5 days a week, so all in all I thought I was pretty fit.   I was a bit “wrong”, so to speak…. (This is not an easy workout, but you don’t have to do it all hard core the first day.  Work up to it!)

What Bridget’s BioRider Fitness DVD did was open my mind to focus on specific muscle groups that complement riding, and yoga also.  Nothing like saying “these are the muscles you need for a centered seat, here’s how to get them”.  She’s great at explaining the exercises, proper position, how it relates to riding and your horse, and what it does for your body.  (I believe the term I’m looking for here is “ripped”).

My favorite exercises are the mountain climbers, star rotations, and really any of the inner and outer leg exercises.  Each section of exercises focuses on a specific area (like core, chest, legs), so you have lots of options. 



The best part of this DVD is that Bridget doesn’t yell at you or count.  It’s up to you to find your edge.  Good, clear explanations and easy, basic exercises.  You also have the benefit of Bridget’s Website, where she outlines different routines for your level of fitness, such as the one picture above.  A yoga routine is also on her Website, which you will LOVE.  It’s simple, and the stretching compliments the workouts.  Have fun!


You can order the DVD on her website!