The Equine Apothecary's Herbal Renew Poultice

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When I think of poultice, I think gooey gross bottom of the swamp clay mess.  What I have come to learn is that horse stuff evolves, even poultice.  The Equine Apothecary successfully makes an Herbal Renew Poultice that now makes me think yummy herbal goodness instead of B-movie swamp creature!  


I received a tub of their herbal poultice to try out, and I learned a few things before I even opened the jar:


-Amazing herbal ingredients like arnica, chamomile, and rosemary extract.  Many of the herbal ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as anti-bacterial properties.  Think of it as “souped up” poultice.  You get the benefits of herbal remedies and natural clay poultice in one application.


-The container is labelled for recycling.  It’s also the type of plastic that if (or when) dropped will only dent or bounce, it won’t crack.  I have lost many a tub of traditional poultice to the dreaded cracked tub…  


-The container also has a screw top lid, so you know when it’s sealed.  Traditional containers sometimes have snap lids that warp and fail over time, or you just don’t get it perfect and the next day your container is dried out. 



When you open the jar, you immediately feel relaxed and happy.


-The formulation is similar to other clay poultice products - but the added herbal goodness makes a wonderful aroma.  The texture is the same as other clay products, so the application is easy, not runny, and smells nice!


-A little bit goes a long way.  No need to cake on inches of goop, a thin layer is all you need here.  A wrapping of newspaper, poultice paper, or even paper towel is all you need under your standing wrap.  You can use the Equine Apothecary Herbal Renew Poultice without paper or wrapping if you like, but a standing wrap will protect your application from shavings and dust.  


-Easy to remove 12 hours later!   A pimple mitt works wonders.  You can also rinse it off in the washrack if that’s easier for you.


-Easy to remove if you accidentally get it on your own clothes, the standing wrap, or your hair.  (Don’t ask….)


-Does it’s job!  Takes the heat out.  As with all poultices, make sure the treatment area is free from cuts and scrapes before you use it.  


The entire line of Equine Apothecary products is equally impressive, and all created in small batches with amazing herbal additions.   

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