The Equine Hydro-T


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I recently had the opportunity to test drive the Equine Hydro-T.  What is it?  At first glance, it’s a nozzle for your hose.  But it’s really a bit more.  What starts as a nozzle actually has many more uses than your average nozzle. 


The premise of the Equine Hydro-T is pulsating water.  Not just pressure (which of course will vary with your plumbing), but actual pulsating water flow.  This of course has lots of implications, from sore muscle relief to wound cleaning to sheath cleaning to plain old bathing.  I’m not going to go into the scientific details about all of those therapeutic uses (as I’m totally not qualified to conduct an actual scientific study), but I will share with you the uses that I found to be awesome!


I was a bit unsure of just how powerful the pulse would be, so I tried it on my own hand before swinging it around to my horse.  Not so bad, for some reason I was expecting fire hose, but it is gentle and non-shocking.  My horse didn’t flinch, either, so well accepted by him.  I used it to rinse him after a sweaty ride, and the pulses came in handy while whisking away the sweat.  His “chrome” legs were also pretty dirty, and the pulsations made the nozzle act like a very good liquid squeegee, restoring the white to his legs.  The adjustability of the nozzle comes in very handy if you need to water your horse also (clearly my horse has trained me in this manner…..).  (photos here)


I have two favorite parts of this nozzle - one is the adjustable knob that allows you to regulate the flow (and therefore the strength of the pulsations).  There is no handle for you to continually squeeze like a traditional nozzle, so you really can set it and just leave it as you massage your horse.  The other feature I like is the foamy section that you actually grip - much more comfortable for you.  (Think about those times that you ambitiously try and rinse shampoo from your horse who still has a winter coat.)  Easy to use, and easy to hold. 


You will likely also save some water here, as a good pulse does more than a steady stream, and the shut off makes handling and operation super easy.  “Barnyard” tests have shown that you can use about 40% less water. 


Of course, the therapeutic aspects to the Equine Hydro-T can’t be ignored - like the massage factor (even better if you have hot water at the wash rack) and the wound cleaning ease.  (Be sure to check with your Veterinarian before starting any therapy on your horse, and have him check out any wounds!)


Love this horse friendly invention!  You can learn more here on the Equine Hydro-T website and Facebook page.  You can also order one by clicking here!  (I’ll also mention that it includes a limited lifetime warranty, except for the shut off!  Can’t get that from your run of the mill hose attachment...)