The Illuminated Hoof Pick from A Little Pet Vet!

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This quite the innovative little tool.  You would normally think a hoof pick is just a hoof pick is just a hoof pick.  Wrong.  I recall years ago thinking the addition of a brush was over the top unnecessary.  Turns out I was wrong about that one.  


So, to be presented with a hoof pick with a brush AND light - I was a bit skeptical.  After all, the brush was the end all and be all, right?  No.  Wrong again.  You never know how much you want and need this light until you use it.  

You will be able to finally determine the difference between hoof, footing, dirt, and frog as you are hunched over with a wiggly horse trying to clean those hooves.  And, if you have a case of thrush, you know exactly where to clean and how much.  Beats holding a flashlight in your teeth!

The other “wow” factor for me is the shape of the pick itself, which is stainless steel as it turns out.  It’s a bit more narrow that what I am used to, which turns out to be a great advantage when picking.  There is that tricky intersection between shoe, heel bulbs, and collateral grooves where things get wedged.  And usually they stay wedged.  Not anymore!  This is a great advantage for those horses with bar shoes.  


I’m also impressed with the brush - it’s quite stiff and a bit narrow - fits nicely into those collateral grooves.  

The one thing you may need to get used to is the larger size of the pick/brush/light end.  It takes a few pickings to find the best way to hold, but that’s easy enough to work out.  Overall - a handy addition to the grooming box.  

You can order one online here!




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