The Karin Shirt from FITS!


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I am lucky enough to be the guinea pig for a new shirt, called the Karin, made by FITS (Fun in the Saddle!).   I was immediately intrigued about this Karin shirt, as the FITS website says it can be worn in summer and then easily become a staple for winter.   So, I tested one out.  I can sum this shirt up in one sentence:


“It makes your arms look buff.”


This is a direct quote from my husband, and therefore the gospel truth about this shirt.  I could end this product review right here and now, but you should know a few other things about it.


I wore it to the barn on one of those days that is 42 degrees when you get there and 92 when you leave.  I put it on in the morning under two jackets (I hate to be cold), and when I got to the barn I started my day.  By the time I left a few hours later, the weather was rapidly approaching the 90’s. 


I never got cold, and I never overheated, even in long sleeves.  I wasn’t even hot, no need to roll up my sleeves, no need to complain loudly, or beg someone to change shirts with me as I watched the temp climb above 85.  I’m convinced that the high tech fabric came from space.  I did sweat a bit (I was grooming and riding), but any sweat dried wickedly fast.  This made for a post barn grocery store trip totally doable and removed *most* weird looks.  While this shirt is awesome, it does nothing for helmet head and the weird hairstyles that follow.


Other bonuses for the Karin shirt by FITS-

-Fun colors (click here to see the optional colors!)

-Sleek fabric

-Contoured fit

-Long sleeves

-Zippered!!  (Love this, because you can zip up your top totally while you are clipping, no stray hairs getting stuck where they should not be!)

-UVA and UVB blocking.  This is a big one for me, I want to clean saddles, not look like one.

-Machine washable. This is a must.  Who has time for anything else?

-This shirt is long enough to stay tucked in as you pick feet, but not so long that you need to tuck it into your socks. 



You can order the FITS Karin shirt (or other groovy stuff) from their website, or you can find your local retailer by clicking here.    Fits also has a facebook page here, follow along!