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We use and discard of a lot of plastics and bags and sacks and boxes when we care for our horses.  We do the best we can to be green, by reusing almost all of it!  We are a creative bunch, the horse folks, and we can find a use for just about anything.  Except for the gallon sized zippered baggies that we use for our horse’s feeds and supplements.  I board my horses, and although I wish I could be there morning, noon and night to make meals super duper fresh, I can’t be.  For years I have used the gallon zippered plastic baggies until they clung to life.  Unable to zip anymore, I would risk spills just to get a few more uses out of them.  Why?  


The S’up Sacks have officially freed all of us from the use of plastic baggies.  These genius sacks also have a few added bonuses that make your barn life easy.  


-Actual zippers.  Similar to what holds up your pants, these zippers don’t get clogged with supplement or grain dust.


-Handy handle.  Great for hooking outside of stall doors for the next meal, hooking in the trailer when at shows, or carrying around.  


-Name tag.  Never get bags of feed confused.  You can also write on the bag with a sharpie if your horse has special instructions, such as “mix with water”, “please stir well”, “medicine already added” etc.  


-Patriotic!  Made in the US!  


-Washable.  In the wash rack you can hose these S’up Sacks off easily, hang to dry!  You can also toss them in the machine if that’s easier for you. 


-Green and friendly!  Also water resistant so you won’t need to deal with a bag of mush if they accidentally get wet.



The large S’up Sack will hold about 1 1/2 scoops of horse feed.  I use a pelleted feed, and this comes out to just about 3 lbs or so with a little bit of room left over for supplements.  You can easily stand a S’up Sack onto your scale for precise measuring.  


The smaller S’up Sack will hold about 1/2 scoop of horse feed, which is a bit tricky to get into the bag for a big scoop, but with a cup it’s easy peasy.  This is a great bag to use if you don’t feed a fortified feed but instead use a ration balancer, as ration balancers are usually much smaller in quantity. 


One last thing - S’up Sacks are also great for OTHER USES at the barn.  They make handy storage bags for:

-Braiding supplies

-Your own hair supplies, hair nets, and make-up for horse shows

-Hooks, screw eyes, hardware for at home and shows

-Extra gloves, socks, etc. 

-Trail bags - use your S’up Sack to hold your bottled water, hoof pick, and snacks on the trail.  

-Also great for dog/cat/goat treats. 

-I also use them for my own lunch at the barn now - the big bag can hold my own lunch and then some.  


You can order S’up Sacks here on the S'up Sack Website.  You can also find S'up Sacks on Facebook here and Pinterest here.