The Wiksmart Cooler!


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The cooler is, by far, my favorite piece of horse clothing.  Great colors, totally versatile, and can make cold weather bearable for your horse.  In warmer months, coolers can save boatloads of time as your horse dries after a shower. 


So how can a cooler be made better?  Well, it can be a Wiksmart cooler.  Think of it this way - the Wiksmart is a regular cooler on steroids.  In a good way, of course!  The Wiksmart cooler is longer, going all the way up the neck, and includes a belly and chest covering piece.  Lots of other features make this the smartest cooler you will ever need to own.


If your horse is sweaty, or wet, the top priority is to get him dry.  In winter, sweat and/or wetness can lead to skin infections, as well as making it very uncomfortable for your horse to be wet and cold.  Avoid chilling your horse by using a cooler!  But, traditional coolers are the horse equivalent of mini skirts - they only cover the back and chest and have quite the draft.  This is especially true if your horse is wet from a shower - you can sweat scrape till the cows come home, but what moisture is left will find it’s way to your horse’s belly and take forever to dry.


But - the Wiksmart cooler solves that by basically turning your horse into a fleece covered burrito, getting all of the formerly overlooked parts covered. 


Some other snazzy benefits of the Wiksmart cooler


-Easy to fit.  This sizes cover a range of horse lengths.  For example, the large covers a 78 to 86.  This is great (and economical) as a few horses in your care could share!  The “model” in the photos typically wears a 78, so you can see it’s not enormous.  More info on sizing can be found here.


-Adjustable.  The neck pieces and all straps are fully adjustable.  The belly piece and chest piece are elasticized, and easily slide through the buckles for a custom fit, each time.  Also a bonus if you use this blanket for more than one horse!  The elastic is such a nice touch for your horse if you need to move him around in the cooler.


-Easy!  It seems, upon first glance, that this cooler is complicated, but it’s not hard to put on at all.  (Scroll down for a handy dandy video.)

To avoid getting tangled as you fold up the cooler after use, take the added neck piece, unfasten it, and flip over your horse’s back before you fold it up, it’s that easy!


-Extra thick fleece makes this cooler’s wicking properties amped up.  Keeps your horse warmer and dries him faster!


-Magical mane taming powers.  If you have a horse with a mane that has a mind of it’s own, this cooler can help you train that mane!  Just be sure to dampen the mane and brush to one side before you fasten the neck piece. 


-The Wiksmart cooler is “potty friendly”, meaning when your horse is wearing it, it won’t interfere with urination or passing manure. 



You can learn more and order your own Wiksmart Cooler on their website here.  

The ordering and sizing page is here!

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