What's the best way to clean my leather riding boots?  


Oooohhhh....shiny boots!

Boots are something that we all wear to the barn - paddock boots, tall boots, cowboy boots, hiking boots.  We have to care for them - otherwise the leather fails - cracks, dulls, looks and feels terrible.  In the show ring, your boots had better be shiny!!  (And since we are all experts at the elbow grease method of grooming, the same applies here.  Again, working for those amazing arms that look so awesome with the farmer's tan.)



I have some grime to remove here.


Remove dirt, sweat and grime and your boots will last a lot longer.  Do this daily!  A slightly damp rag will rub away the dirt and goo and stuff.  Make sure the water is clean and the rag is clean.  Many saddle cleaners make leather soft and fill the pores of the leather.  Your boots will get soft and your boot polish won't stick.



Boot polish comes in tons of colors and brands.


Once or twice a week, use a bit of castile soap to really clean the leather and follow up with some polish and a buff.  And the secret to a really shiny shine is to do a spit shine.  And yes, use spit or a few drops of water after you have applied the leather polish and it has dried.  



Can't beat castile soap for taking care of leather!


Liquid or solid form. Either is fine.

Even if you don't wear your tall boots all the time in the barn, you can still use these tips to keep your leather work boots in good condition and looking great.  This goes for your paddock boots and your casual fashion boots!