What's the best way to care for your sheepskin accessories at the barn?


A lot of us have sheepskin at the barn - saddle pads, girth covers, padding on bridles.  Sheepskin is a natural product, and therefore has some special considerations.  It should be allowed to air dry if it is damp or wet from sweat.  Brushing frequently with a grooming brush (I like the dog slicker variety) will keep it fluffy. 




Pretend it's your pup and use a dog slicker brush to fluff up the sheepskin.


Washing in the washing machine is OK with most brands, although should not be done with regular laundry detergents as this can damage the leather and/or wool.  Check with the specific manufacturer of your sheepskin accessory for their suggestion on using a cleaning agent. Most manufacturers also create and sell their own special cleaner for the laundry. 




So many uses!




This brand is for sheepskin numnahs and other sheepskin products. 


Air drying (out of the sunlight or direct heat) is a good way to dry the sheepskin, whether it's wet from sweat or wet from the washer. 





Store them fluffy side up, and with regular brushing you are good to go.  Do spend the time to notice if the sheepskin is packed down unevenly, as this suggests a saddle fit problem.  Your saddle fitter can help you check for proper saddle fit. If you find that your sheepskin has become crunchy, you can soften it by massaging or kneading it in your hands.  






I like to stack my sheepskin between the saddle and saddle pad.  This seems to prevent the sheepskin from getting soaked with sweat.  However, it's perfectly fine to have the sheepskin numnah right against your horse's back with a saddle pad on top.  Your preference.  


How do you like to care for your sheepskin?


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