This is my blog.  (Not a very exciting statement, but you get the point!)


This section is sort of a personal account of my horse experiences, I've also thrown in some funny stuff (maybe) and more opinionated pieces.  Anything you want me to write about?  Drop me a line! - I love to hear from you guys!




How to Become a Sponsored Rider or Ambassador in the Horse Industry

A sarcastic, yet real, look at how to blow your chances of getting a sponsorship or ambassadorship in the horse industry.

What I care, and don't care about, anymore in the horse world.

A cynical and sarcastic year in review on how aging has changed my perspective in the horse world.

How to go out in public after leaving the barn!

Some tips and ideas on how to make a smooth transition from the barn to any public area!

Things Grooms Are Good At AWAY From The Barn!

Grooms are renowned for their skills at the barn, turn out those skills easily carry over into the non-horse barn world!

You Should NEVER Be A Groom If.....

Top 9 reasons to never, ever become a horse Groom. And yes, many jokes in here!

Top International Groom Habits - Your Horse Can Live the Life, Too!

Almost 10 top habits of international Grooms - easy to duplicate, and now your horse can be cared for just like your favorite superstar horse!

Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event - My Experience In Photos

What a thrill to experience the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event! Some photos to show you the amazing-ness that is Rolex!

How to Blow Your Tax Refund On Horse Stuff

Treat your horse to all that he "needs" when you get your tax return back!

Be An Informed Horse Owner

Even if all you do is show up and ride, it's important to have some ideas of how your horse is taken care. At the very least, know where to find the information in case of an emergency!

Adventures In Fox Hunting

It's good to get out of your "horse box" so to speak, and trying new disciplines is a great way to do that!

What I Have Learned in 2015. About Me and Horses.

A tidy little summary of all of the life lessons that 2015 has taught me.

Naughty Horse Owners VS Nice Horse Owners

Do you know if you are a naughty or nice horse owner? Some things you can do to move over to the nice column.

My Time at Equine Affaire

A brief synopsis of a few days spent at Equine Affaire in Massachusetts!

Top Twelve-ish Holiday Gift Ideas for the Horse Person in Your Life!

My holiday wish list for 2015! Perfect for all of the horse lovers in your life.

On Grooming Now - How Grooming Has Evolved For Me

Years ago, I gave up grooming to start writing. About grooming. Years later, I'm back in the cross ties much wiser and much creakier.

How I *Mostly* Clicked The Spook Out of My Horse

The step by step way that I was able to replace fear with confidence in my horse!

The Washington International Horse Show - BTS!

A look at how the iconic WIHS runs!

My Anti Horse Person Troll Re-Illusionment Plan

Sometimes, when the internet trolls get you down, you just gotta put on your big girl panties and deal.

Part Three of the Cross Country Move - Delays and Water Hazards

My journey across the country with horses continues, as we travel by truck and trailer to West Virginia! Almost there!

On Cell Phones and Horses

The benefits, and very subtle, downsides to the cell phone when you are around horses.

Ten Ways to Have FUN at the Barn!

Some ways to break up the long, hard, hot (or cold) work day!

What I Learned Flying with Horses!

Part two of the "How I Moved Two Horses Across the Country" picks up at the airport!

How to Move Two Horses Across the Country!

Part one - How I planned a trip to move two horses, two cats, a husband and a household from the West Coast to the East Coast!

The Training Scale - In the Saddle and On the Ground

I chat with a fancy dressage trainer about how the Training Scale applies to all horses and can solve all problems.

Horses are a Privilege!

Gut check time - sometimes, you need a reminder about how awesome horses are and how lucky we are to be in their lives!

What Exercise Has Taught Me About Horses!

There's a lot that your own exercise routine can teach you about horses!

The Blenheim Equisport's Groom's Class - April 2015

Behind the scenes at the Groom's Class - sponsored by Shapley's and hosted at Blenheim in SJC, CA!

The WEF 2015 Groom's Class

Details on the Groom's Class, held week 12, during WEF and sponsored by Shapley's!

The Dressage Affaire 2015 Groom's Class

Some fun behind the scenes of the Dressage Affaire 2015 Groom's Class from Del Mar, CA.

Getting Out Of The Box - how this worked for me and my horses!

There comes a time when what you do with horses is stale! How I opened my mind and tried some new stuff out with horses.

A Typical Horse Show Day

A quick rundown of what it's like to be a Groom at a dressage show! Busy.

The Western States Horse Expo 2015 - Shenanigans and Tomfoolery!

A short and awesome piece about my time at the Western States Horse Expo, talking horses, grooming, ice, and generally having a great time!

The Top Ten-ish Things That Horse Have Taught Me

Sure, horses can teach you to ride. They can also teach you the world. (Too cheesy?)

Why I EAFTB. (Exercise Away From The Barn.)

A small treatise on why I like to exercise away from the barn, despite how much exercise I get at the barn.

Being Thankful For the Horses in Your Life

Everyone has "those horses" that have taught valuable lessons - here's my list of horses that I'm grateful for!

A Tropical Vacation - With Horses!

I just couldn't escape horses when I was on vacation - in a very tropical place!

What makes a horse person a HORSEPERSON?

Some ideas on what distinguishes a Horseperson from someone who is not...

How Do You Get a Job as a Groom?

Some ideas on how you can get a job as a Groom - or any job in the horse industry!

Is Your Horse Missing Some Manners?

A handy list of all things good manners related to horses. Because bad manners in a horse = more Vet bill and ambulance rides.

Top Ten Reasons to Become a Groom!

Why you should become a professional horse Groom!

The "Horse of a Lifetime" MYTH

Why every horse can be a "horse of a lifetime".

My Top Ten Grooming Blunders

Grooming horses is not an exact science, and sometimes it's not even art. We are all human, capable of mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes are ones to be learned from. Or laughed at!

My Horse Bucket List

What do you want to do with horses? I sat down and made a horse bucket list of all of the things that I want to do!

My Previous Life as a Horse Property Manager

A sneak peek into my former days as a property manager of a horse barn.

Groom's Class Recap - WEF Week 12

Lots of behind the scenes at Shapley's WEF Groom's Class!

Groom's Award Recap - SJC CDI from California Dreaming Productions

The inaugural year of the California Dreaming Productions is also the inaugural year of the Groom's award!

Sometimes I Really Love a Dirty Horse!

A small treatise on why I really like a dirty horse!

Ten Things You Need to Know About Dating a Groom!

Just for fun, I put together a list of ten things to know about dating a Groom.

The Top 18 New Year's Resolutions for Grooms

The top 18 New Year's Resolutions for Grooms.

Where Grooming Can Take You!

Ideas on how to use your grooming education to further your horse industry career!

On the Job Training vs. Skills You Already Have

Ideas on what skills you should have down pat before you start a Grooming job!

The Best vs. Natural Conundrum - are they the same? I say no.

When it comes to horses, are best and natural the same thing? I don't think so!

How do You Memorialize your Horse?

Grooms can see horses come and go, grow and pass on. How do you memorialize and remember those horses that you have worked with?

The Grooming Scale

How we can imagine the cumulative steps needed for Grooms to develop bloom in their horses!

Can the Racing Industry Set the Standard for Grooms?

Can the performance horse world use the racing industry as an inspiration of services we can provide for the workers?

The Equestrian Aid Foundation

Another great resource for Grooms - the Equestrian Aid Foundation!

Should Grooms be Certified?

There is current debate on certification for Grooms - what are your thoughts?

Stirring up the Pot - Who's Game?

Some things about the Horse Industry are the most magical things on earth. Other things - they MUST CHANGE!!

A Groom's Job Description

This is the start of a comprehensive job description for a Professional Groom.

How to Find a Grooming Job (besides here!!)

Would you like a Grooming job? Here are some ideas on how to get started.

What to Wear to Work

Your job as a Groom - what to wear to work!

Perks of the Job

What are the Perks of being a Professional Equine Groom?

What is Professional?