The Job Description!

I started to think about how much time a Groom actually spends Grooming.  Not so much!  So I compiled the beginnings of a Groom's Job Description, so that aspiring Grooms can have a sense of the responsibilites involved.   (It's a long list...and I'm sure I forgot a few things...)


Cleaning stalls.

Providing hay, feed, rations or supplements, and water.  

Cleaning buckets and tubs used in the feeding process.

Grooming, saddling, unsaddling, and bathing horses.

Cleaning all horse equipment.

Hand walking horses.

Lungeing horses. 

Turning horses into pasture or turnout.

Maintaining the barn area - sweeping, washing, and general cleaning.


There's also the "hurry up and wait" factor.


Laundry of horse gear.

Administering medications and appropriate bandaging.

First Aid delivery to horses. 

Following instructions and directions from the trainer, farrier, veterinarian, or other equine care provider. 

Unloading hay and grain bags.

Sneaking some quality time with your favorite horse.


SOME of the things to put up and take down for shows. 

Travel to and from horse shows, be it locally, nationally, or internationally.

Packing equipment for horse shows.

Unpacking equipment at the show grounds, preparing the stall, and acclimating the horse(s) to the new surroundings.

Loading and unloading horses from trailers.

Flying with horses.

Braiding the mane and/or tail for show.

Trim a horse’s coat with clippers (face, legs, ears).

Totally clip a horse for winter with clippers (entire body).

Monitor and maintain level of feed, hay, and bedding in stock.

Ordering supplies when necessary.

Handling horses for the veterinarian, farrier, or trainer during medical or other treatments.

Farm maintenance and repairs.

Working with and operating small and large farm equipment.

Handling horses in the breeding shed. 


HOLY *$&# - That’s a lot of things aside from Grooming.  Perhaps we need a new name??


My question to you is - did I forget anything, and if we could re-name ourselves - what would you like to be called?  Executive VP of balancing one million horse tasks at once?  That sounds good!


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