What do I need to check on the outside of my trailer before I load up and hit the road?


Most barns have their own trailers.  Are they up to snuff and road worthy?  Could you use them in an emergency?  


You can check with the trailer manufacturer for a complete list of trailer safety checks specific to your brand and model.  You should also have a trailer service professional check your trailer's electrical, brake, and overall health of the trailer at least yearly.  This is a very broad list and designed to get you thinking about being prepared.  Or get you to be prepared!




Some things you need to check:

  • The breakaway brake battery needs to be charged. 


  • The chains and hitch parts should be clean and in excellent working condition.


  • The floors and walls should be rust free.  You need to pull the mats regularly to check the integrity of the floor.  


  • Check the function of the vents, windows, and dividers.  Latches can break!


  • After hitching up, check the lights - turn signals, hazards, brakes.  



Be sure the ground is hard enough and you can actually get your trailer out!


  • Check your tires for wear, correct tire pressure, and tight lug nuts.  Have a spare in excellent condition.  


  • Know how to change a tire.  Lug nuts on the trailers do not always match the lug nuts on your truck.  Have the correct tools on board!


  • Consider having trailer roadside assistance.  This will save your hide if you need a tow, some "regular" tow and emergency plans don't help with trailers.  


  • Don't forget your horse!  Drive safely, and have fun at the show!


 For more info on what to have on hand for roadside emergencies, read this amazing(and funny?) article.


What do you check on the outside of the trailer before you load up?