Employment Issues

This area will grow into a great resource for you to learn about employment issues in the horse industry.  Many of these topics are legal in nature - it's up to YOU to research the employment laws in your state.  Remember that just because you and someone else agree on something, it does not make a legal situation.  Always seek legal advice if you are unsure. 


And also please don't hesitate to ask if you have any ideas for an article!  You can reach me at liv@proequinegrooms.com. 

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Signs Your Horse Job Is AWESOME!

A few stories about why horse jobs can be awesome!

Giant Red Flags at the Horse Barn!

A compilation of stories - from you guys - about what your job breaking point was and when you knew it was time for you to bail on your horse job.

The "Freelance" Groom - What You Need to Be Protected

A brief introduction into becoming a freelance Groom, working with horses and for yourself!

What if....You are offered a Working Student Job! What you need to know!

The real deal on working student positions, the IRS, and what you need to know about your barter arrangement.

Collect Some Great References For an Amazing Horse Job!

Some ideas on how you can put together a great list of references for your dream horse industry job!

What if....You Work With Horses, You Board Horses, You Ride Horses...What Insurance do You Need?

A basic outline of what types of insurance you need, depending on what your role is with horses.

A Horse Industry Resume Makeover - start to finish!

Marcia Hancock from The Job Search Advisor shows us how to revamp a horse industry resume!

What if.... You are Asked to Give a Horse Some Injections!

Jenn McCabe from the California Horse Lawyer helps us figure out what to do if horse grooms are asked to give a horse some injections.

Pump Up Your Skill Sets to Make Yourself More Employable!

Horse Grooms need to have dozens of skills - more that just grooming horses! Add some specialized skills to your resume and stand out!

What if.....You are an independent contractor and a horse in your care is hurt?

A not so hypothetical case of the independent contractor and the injured horse! Is the contractor responsible for vet bills?

What if...... Your Horse Hurts a Groom at Your Boarding Stable?

Ideas on how to protect yourself in case your horse hurts a worker or Groom at your boarding stable!

What if..... You are an employer with contractors and a horse gets hurt? Big mess!

Part 2 of liability issues when employers have independent contractors and a horse is hurt.

The Holidays and Your Pay, Gifts, and Tips

What Grooms and Employers need to know about holiday pay, gifts, and tips.

Is Your Resume up to Snuff??

Resume tips from an expert to help you get ready to land a dream job!

The Ethics of Being a Groom

Sometimes, Grooms find themselves in a tricky spot, and sometimes, they may find themselves in court because of it. How do you draw the line?

Independent Contractor + Injury + Court = Bad News for the Employer

A very recent court case in which a Groom was injured working with the horses. A mis-classification of her status as an independent contractor led to a landmark court case and epic payout.

What it costs to hire a Groom

An insightful look at the numbers behind hiring a Groom - what it means for Grooms and Employers alike in the horse industry

Hourly VS Salary - what should Grooms be?

An introduction into the differences between hourly and salaried employees, and what this has to do with Grooms!

Workman's Compensation Insurance

An in depth look at workman's compensation insurance and what is does for Grooms and Employers, alike.

Harassment in the Workplace

A primer course on what harassment is, and the very many types of it!

Employee VS Independent Contractor

Are you an employee? Or are you an independent contractor?