Employment Issues in the NEWS!

The most current news articles on all things that affect employment in the horse industry. 



The USDOL has issued clear guidelines about the employee or independent contractor classifications!  

The goal is “to determine whether the worker is economically dependent on the employer (and thus its employee), or is really in business for himself or herself (and thus its independent contractor).”  Read more about this, and how the IRS can get involved, here. 

Can your employer sustain a $450,000 hit?  This real world case involved a horse accident on the job.  Luckily, the employers have worker's compensation which has paid $450,000 on the claim. 

Without worker's compensation, this horse ranch employee may have chosen to sue.  Pretty smart ranch owners to protect themselves with worker's compensation insurance.  Read more about this case here.  

Do you drive as part of your job as a Groom?  It's possible that your travels are covered under worker's compensation insurance.  

One Groom, in Kentucky, was injured in a car accident while traveling.  His worker's compensation claim was upheld by the state.  What would happen if you were in a car accident on the way to a show? Do you have worker's comp to help you with expenses, bills, and lost wages?  Read more about this case here. 


Do you get paid hourly?  Chances are, you should be classified as hourly and therefore receive overtime compensation.  

It seems quite a few businesses are overlooking this fact, and you may be entitled to your actual legal payments.  Read more here and learn about what you can do.

The misclassification of employees as independent contractors can put your employer in court, and may empty the business bank account (and then some).  

One particular horse farm classified a worker as an "independent contractor", and therefore did not have worker's compensation insurance.  After that worker was injured, she sued her employers and WON a settlement of $274,000.  That's a LOT OF ZEROES.  Could you business handle a financial hit like that??

Read the article here. 

The Department of Labor Proposes Changes to Child Labor Rules on Farms.  

Do these new proposed rules affect you and your farm?  If you have workers under age 18, it may! Read the article here. 

A Cautionary Tale of the Fines and Jail you could face if you pay your employees "under the table". 

Read about one trainer's fight with the IRS over back taxes!