The Equestrian Aid Foundation and how they help Grooms!

I am a champion and advocate for Grooms.  I support you, your jobs, and want to make sure that all Grooms have access to good information and even better resources.  My hackles go up when I hear of injustices, and I share in your truimphs and successes from the other side of my computer.  I also hear of your accidents, your illnesses, your freak turns in life that can disrupt your physical body, your spirit, and your finances.  

Part of my job here at Pro Equine Grooms is to give you the very BEST resources to help you in your job and your life.  In doing so, I have the distinct pleasure to meet lots of other folks with the same zest for supporting Grooms.  Enter the Equestrian Aid Foundation.  


This is what I knew about the EAF: They helped horse people that have been injured by providing financial assistance.  (In a nutshell, I didn’t know squat about the EAF.)  I did also know they have helped a few high profile riders after catastrophic riding accidents.  


“The Equestrian Aid Foundation is a national nonprofit (501c3) that provides financial assistance to equestrians, horsemen and equine-related professionals who are suffering with catastrophic illnesses and injuries. The EAF helps recipients with funding for medical, rehabilitation, insurance premiums, transportation and other basic needs - such as housing and food.


So, in a nutshell, here’s what I didn’t know.  The EAF is an all inclusive organization, helping horsemen and horse professionals of all levels, not just riders!  Their main function is to provide financial assistance to help with specific needs, and each individual has a program that is specific to them.  For example, an injured or ill equestrian may receive assistance related to housing, food, transportation, lost income, or medical bills.  Basically any essential need you have that you’d be unable to pay if you had a medical emergency. 

Needs can be short or long term, and the reason for the need can vary!  Horse related accidents are the most obvious cases that the EAF helps with, but did you know they can also help you with an illness?  Or car accident?  Did you know they have helped riders, Grooms, even ring stewards?  

So how can they help you?  Well, no offense to the Equestrian Aid Foundation, but let’s be blunt - I hope you never, ever need to work with them.   That being said, let’s examine a typical Groom’s way of life.  Tons of hours at the barn, doing very manual labor, working with giant clumsy creatures with a mind of their own.  Grooms typically work a zillion hours a week, and we live paycheck to paycheck.  Do you have workman’s comp insurance provided by your employer??  Maybe.  Do you have health insurance?  Maybe.  What happens if you have an accident at work?  (sometimes nothing, sometimes very bad things...) 

Any accident or illness, on the job or otherwise, can devastate your financial future.  The Equestrian Aid Foundation is one resource for you that can help.  Please don’t hesitate to contact them if you are in dire need.  If you are not in need, please don’t hesitate to contact them and make a donation!!

You can find The Equestrian Aid Foundation on Facebook, and you can also visit their website,  The website is where you can make a donation, get more information, and even apply for assistance.